what's in a name

I've had so many questions over the years about how to pronounce my business name and where/how I came up with it. I love word play and just went round and round with a dictionary and a thesaurus to see what I could come up with. I liked the actual word juxtaposition, meaning "two things being seen or placed close together with contrasting effect for design purposes" and I felt that it fit what I was doing, combining 'junk' with new settings and chains to make 'cool' jewelry. I created the name juNxtaposition®, adding the N and then capitalizing it, just for quirkiness {and so people would notice it} & used the tag line "the art and placement of junk for design purposes" .
Most of my jewelry (and now home accessories) are created with items purchased at flea markets, generally referred to as 'junk'. I have since trade marked the name so that people will always know it is me (I've had to literally defend it when another copied it !) While a lot of customers do not pronounce it correctly, they do know it when they see it, and they know it's me ... the jewelry lady with the funny name that starts with a J. I followed none of the rules that I learned in Marketing class back in the day, it's hard to say, it's hard to spell, no one knows what it means ... lol but it has worked for me for 17 years now, and with the internet, everyone just needs to 'save' the link ... so I'm sticking with it !

At this point ... between the pink ruffles & the crazy name, it's established 
... so I think I'll let it be ♥  don''t you think ?


A funny little story about branding.

When I first started juNxtaposition,
 I was very unique in the re~cyled - up~cycled world... 

as in .. 

I was green long before 
anyone else was green !

However, my brand was very industrial, hard lines, straight edges.
and mostly about typewriters..lol..
so my brand colors were
black, white and red.

black, white & red

But..thru the years, and once I got involved with the 
Country Living Fairs,
my brand became 
more and more 'girly'.

first country living fair EVER !

One day at a thrift shop, 
I found these old faded 
pastel pink curtains.

I wasn't sure what 
I was going to do with them, 
but they spoke to me,
and then they magically
jumped into my cart.


from that day on 
became my brand !

I ended up using these curtains 
on the front of my tent.
From ground level it looked 
like I had a pink tent !

first pink ruffle tent

At every busy show,
 I would tell people to just look 
for the tent with the pink ruffles
and before you knew it, 
I became known for that..
(the booth with 
the pink ruffles and funny name)

Everything just sort of bloomed from there,
pink became my brand color, 
& ruffles became my style.

I used some form 
of pink ruffles at every event
inside buildings

 & inside barns.

pretty much 
anywhere / anyway I could

My branding ideas had grown again 
over the years ...
new tablecloths, new backdrops
& lots of different displays,
but all with a girly pink theme.

oH My how we've grown

We use pink tins for packaging, 
pink shopping bags, 
pink shipping bags, 
pink decor, pink tablet cover..lol.. 
pink pens, pink phone cover ...
I think you get it.

It's amazing how a color can take over,
I've added gingham checks 
to my design,
and grey as an accent, 
and lots and lots of pink hearts <3
(a story for another day)
but all coordinates back to the 
pink ruffles.

Country Living Fair

I'm very proud of how my business and
my booth ... and my brand
has grown over the years..
& honestly, as silly as it sounds,
those thrift store pink curtains
certainly had a lot to do with it! 

So I suppose my point is, 
you just never know 
where your inspiration 
will come from in business,
you just need to use your imagination 
and think outside the box.

If you're ever out at a sale, 
and wonder if juNxtaposition is there,
just look around for some pink ruffles and you'll know its us !

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what's in a name

I've had so many questions over the years about how to pronounce my business name and where/how I came up with it. I love word play and...

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