get your bell on

get out your cell and dial


jingle bells


jingle bells


jingle all the way


oh what fun it is to ride in a one horse open sleigh




jingle bells


jingle bells


jingle all the way


oh what fun it is to ride


in a one horse open sleigh

road trip ! ! !

we took a road trip to VOLANT PA, which they say is
"halfway between Erie and Pittsburgh"
it is a very cool little town near grove city outlets
that has about 30 little shops & restaurants,
a great road trip for this time of year.
of course, we antiqued on the way up and back...
this post is mostly photo heavy as the pics speak for themselves and i am
very busy filling orders from the site.
we found a wonderful antique shop called schoolhouse something or other,
where we could have spent the day !!
definately plan to return in the summer
with a truck !

biggest butcher block i have ever seen !

huge !!! this would never fit in my litte ranch !

i'm always a sucker for suitcases

i loved this !

very small butcher block,
must have been for tabletop??

i love metal display racks

and anything in pastel colors

too cool old sewing machine,
i have never seen one like this

books galore

i wish i had a place for this
it would have come home with me.

wonderful old set of encyclopedias

i have a soft spot for flower frogs

everyone knows how i feel about old keys !!
this was tempting

never saw one quite like this either
just tiny and flat

these were teansy

this pic isnt great but it is a basinet hammock
with an umbrella top...way cool

this i would have bought if i had my truck with me
i LOVE ladders and
anything with casters !

volant is full of little gift shops

i love this style of tree
thinking of buying a real one
and cutting off all the lower branches
am i nuts ??

this is what you call chippy

thereis also a great furniture store
i loved this sofa !

too funny
there's an old mill in volant
it is being restored and they
kept some of the original machinery

tres Christmasy

drawers drawers drawers

long............ happy
if you have some time
take a trip to volant

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