how are we doing???

last week i received this post card in the mail

i thought it was kind of funny...
i didnt remember
 getting any survey in the mail

then i looked at the front of the card......
hmmmm...NOT my address...

how are we doing???
not so great

happy valentine's day

from the 'burgh

would you like a little ice with that............

(click on the pics for a better view)
silver sunday lives on. last snow related theme
silvery icicles everywhere....


snow snow everywhere.........still........
and i would say it's going to be here for a while.......
but the ice that is acumulating is something i have never seen before !!
this is my neighbor's house i see from my front door.
nice huh??

we took a ride into the city today
we have more snow...
but they have quite a bit of ice

i wonder if they are still giving parking tickets???
this is a car that's still buried...
there are many many of them still around town
check this one out...
this garage is bad, but look down the alley at all the downspouts.....

in some places the snow is a bit deep
so would you like some ice with that????

we got snow..............again..

sorry, but....
i guess i am going to have to use this entry
for my weekly
silver sunday
silver specs of snow

and silver snow shovels

since this is all
that basically consumed
our lives today !!

and so............ predicted
with a bit more........
here's my truck
right in front of my house,
next to the sign that says
no parking during snow emergency..

you just know they are gonna plow me in !

snow on the deck
a little high....
jordan decided we needed to go out..
he just cant resist
we were the ONLY ones on the road..
here's some of what we saw......
these are cars at the town house complex down the street
hard to tell.......(click to enlarge)
if you look close, there is a street sign
right in the center of this pic...
that's how deep it is !!!
this is a tree down,
right across the road
our street
our driveway
gotta have those good tires !!

here's my truck..not going anywhere

gotta say.....the backyard is beautiful !!

they are saying this state of ememergency will last til at least guess i am staying in
jordan and his girlfriend went east
to see if they could help people..
jordan is the best at pulling people out..
so they come home with additional pics.

this storm is breaking alot of records around here
they say it is the top #4 storm of all time
in this region !

update 5:30 pm:
the kids went out,
but it seems we (plum boro) got actually the most of everyone !!
of course, we always do because as they say..
we are in the snow belt
whatever that is........

snow and toilet paper

what does one have to do with the other????

well we go again !!

it appears we are in the midst of a
snow event
which may very well
break some records.
great !...NOT..
it is pretty...
and it is coming fast...
appently EVERY household in the 'burgh
was out of toilet paper.....

can you imagine....

because there was a run on it today all over the city !!!

i went out for milk and bread, but...
it never occured to me to buy toilet paper...haha

they announced on the news..that you better have stocked up..
cause there's none left....

sorry, it just cracks me up.... morning...

and its still snowing !!!!!
we are under a state of emergency
7 miles on the PA turnpike have been
stranded since last night,
they are going after them on snow mobiles !!!
too wild....
pics to follow later today !!!

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