a new shoppe in town

Project Pop Up: Downtown will animate key downtown vacant storefronts, making them more attractive to lessees while improving the vibrancy, safety, and economic health of downtown.

some friends of mine applied for this program
and won !!

a group of great crafty artsy girls 
have joined together 
to open 
the cutest boutique style shop 
in downtown pittsburgh

this weekend was a wonderful open house/ party 
to introduce themselves to all

they are self described below:

Burgheoisie offers a variety of artisan, hand-made wares like jewelry, fashion apparel & accessories for men, women, and children, bath & body products, original art works, and custom home-goods. Our member makers run the store so that you have direct access to the creator for personalization of the product.

 a great turn out shows there is a strong interest for this type of shop in our fair city

and i wish these girls
loads of luck
in this venture !

so if you're hanging out downtown
be sure to stop in an check it out....

as i always say

support small business
support local business !

we do !!

busy busy busy

busy busy busy

too busy to do a blog post...

so this is a picture only post.

random pictures from the last show i did

i made it ! market for the holidays
at bakery square !

it's almost like you were there...right?

til next time.........


funky junk interiors

next on my blog roll list

funky junk interiors

donna IS the queen of 
funky junk


dont attempt this blog unless you have 
hours and hours to peruse !!!

i knew...  well read...  her back when she was just a princess..

but she now has over 7000 followers !!

(not that i put a lot of stock in numbers,
but gees 7000!!!
gotta be impressed)

she give tips and tutorials about 
lots of stuff besides junk
she teaches you about blogs
(a great post today..about saving your blog....do it !)
and also lots of photography stuff

* * * 

every saturday she hosts
a blog party
which is very well attended
again.....hours and hours of blog hopping 

so....i am adding her to my blog roll...
remember...i'm doing one at a time....
enjoy !

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