Winter Time - please not yet....

 the latest issue of
jeanne d'arc living
is available for 

although i personally
am in NO hurry for
Winter Time
to come....

this issue will be just perfect
to cuddle up with on one of those
blustery, snowy days !

they are back to 
NO advertisements!

i know i will be checking it out
while i start decorating the
new abode !

(no, really.....i may actually move in january...finally)

if you are not familiar, 
this is a 
decorating, cooking, gardening
book with a 
swedish, french flair

once you try it..
you're hooked..

it comes out 8 times a year..

and is available on our site

$25.00 free shipping

limited availability
they go fast - order now

happy reading !

old grey mare

 did you ever 'meet' someone on line 
who is just your kind of person ?

you love their style, their ideas, 
just their 'way' of doing things ?

* * * 

do you wish you lived closer ?

 do you wish you could hang out together ?

* * * 

i am engrossed these days in all things techy
and am revamping my website 
and in small ways my blog

i have been wanting to get a 
'blog roll' 
(list of my favorite blogs)
added to my sidebar


the reason why i never get to it..

so i'm taking baby steps


to that end..

i am starting a new series
where i will showcase one blog at a time,
and then get them added to my blog roll

* * *

 first up

old * grey * mare

her name itself intrigued me..

and then i was hooked by her style

then as i spent hours reading her blog
i find that she is living the life i want
in so many ways

we also have a lot in common

and it turns out she was raised about a half hour from where i live

crazy huh?

but now she lives in
henderson nevada

far far away

my geography is not so hot, 
 so i actually had to see how far it was

note : A ~ me
B ~ her 

(yes..if you read my trip to atlanta,
i am a driving fiend..haha
but this is just a tad too far)

why? you ask..
because she is

having a

gathering class at her home one spot away !!!
whoo hoo !!

its a 

 she's offering
projects,  food,  gifts,

 and a house full of 

snow and glitter and holiday spirit

doesnt it sound like fun..

well if you are in the area
go for it ! 
(i sure wish i could)

* * *

and....even if you too 
live too far...

hop over to her blog 

grab a cup of tea
and prepare to spend hours
indulging in 
wonderful inspiration

* * * now i have figure out 
how to do the
'blog roll'

wish me luck

bakery square

we have new digs in town

this place comes with some interesting history

it used to be a nabisco plant

as i understand it
it was built in 1918
and apparently lasted until 1998
when it closed for good


the property changed hands a few times,

was found to have loads of environmental issues
underground dangerous chemicals
and a host of basically bad stuff,

but eventually ended up being redeveloped 
into what it is today

an awesome new hipster complex
which house the likes of google and anthropology 

it was built with a lot of 'green' ideology and 
 has been awarded a platinum rating for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design certification by the U.S. Green Building Council


actually kind of a big deal

 and basically cool to look at


gotta love a place with recycle trash cans everywhere

* * * *

anthro is way out of my price range
but i love their decorating style

all the expensive antiques inside 
and this is their doorstop !

right up my alley

new ~ old floors...wonder where they came from

 their displays are actually for sale
(well....if you're loaded)

 i have fallen in love with this sink...

it would be perfect for my 'farmette'

but alas..the $12,000 price tag was just a tad over my budget
(in fact...almost as much as i paid for the house !)

i got tossed out of anthro 

 it appears they do not like photos being taken of their 'style'
the not so kind manager claims

but still a cool place to visit
and their style is worth seeing
and great inspiration

the whole 'square' is rather interesting

they say they will create over 1,600 jobs
which is great !

very urban, very trendy

 and it's certainly not everywhere 
that you see a truck like this in the parking lot



well...theres a ulterior motive reason for this post
other than local history

we scored this great venue for the

i made it !
for the holidays
 dec 2 & 3rd !!

 juNxtaposition will be there !!

if you are local......hope you will be too !!

* * * 

me and whitney

ok.....if you read my last post, you know i am having AOL withdrawal..

last nite on Whiteney..i almost fell off my chair...

you gotta wait for it.....but watch til the end............

see i'm kinda trending...haha

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

breaking up with AOL we go..  i need help......

my mind is about to explode...remember..i am no spring chicken..

i am attempting to update all my online techy stuff for my business. and believe me it is NOT my thing.....but i try....

for business name is juNxtaposition

i love it....there are good things about it, and bad things about it..
i am not going to go into the good things...they are me..but..

the most obvious bad thing is that people cant spell it....(or even pronounce it haha)'s my issue..

i am a die hard AOL user...and i would like break up with them...
i  am one of the very few oldschoolers still using them...but i just couldnt break the habit..

but..i am ready....maybe....i i AM ready....(i'm having withdrawals already !)

so...i have a million different email with yahoo, a couple with gmail, one with my service provider, one with go daddy....on and on...

right now these all forward to my aol account.....which is

i want to consolidate to just one account....but which one should i choose? should i keep any of them?? website is,
but on my business cards i use because it's easier for people to remember

so i've narrowed it down...

should i just use



or something different?

it is  going to be a huge chore to switch EVERYTHING to this new email address, but i need to do this....and i only want to do it once.....

any suggestions/preferences/other ideas.....please help !!


jeanne d'arc living Christmas issue

whoo hoo !!

the latest issue of
jeanne d'arc living
is ready to ship !!

this huge

contains 150 pages of eye candy, ideas, and inspiration
for the holiday season !!

order here

limited number of issues available..

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