country living fair ohio 2010

this is going to be a more pictures than talk post...

random order

no ryhme or reason
just what appealed to me

sorry, no real time allowance at the show
for vendors to look/shop
so i dont always know the names
but am depicting the awesomeness anyway
(you can click on any pic to enlarge)

first... my booth


country living fair 2010 from my eyes:

full cool is that?

my girl gina...from homegirl....she is a big favorite at this show !

i met sandy from 'country at heart'

we are on the same prim forum
so nice to meet people you only talk to on the net

lots of 'earth angel' beauty

my wonderful shoppers !

marlene and daughter from

line to get in........long...every day

terrible pic of me...but i also met sue whitney from junk market...a treat !

all in all..just what i know to expect from
country living magazine
stella shows

they sure know what they are doing..for both seller and buyers

looking forward to the atlanta version
i hear it is a bit different as it is all through the woods.

cant wait !!

thanks to everyone who reads my blog and stopped by to say so.
us bloggers always wonder if anyone actually reads what we write !!
so nice to hear that you do.


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