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jeanne d'arc living

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just a really quick post to let you know 
that we arrived home safe and sound..

quite rattled, but safe...

many many of the vendors, 
and i imagine all the staff...
 live in the areas effected by 
the Frankenstorm

personally, we chose a path more to the west
to avoid west virginia and 2 feet of snow thru the mountains,

but it was still a tough drive.

my helper/friend suellyn 
saved the day with her awesome driving skills !!

but i had to do the last 2 hour leg all by myself
(and as those who know me, know..i do NOT do rain...or dark...and it was BOTH)

our PA turnpike was not allowing trucks, 
trailers, buses or anything other
than passenger vehicles heading east,
which made it a bit easier..

who am i kidding..
there was NOTHING easy 
about it...
it was awful !

speed limit was dropped to 45
which was totally necessary

this was my view

i actually have no circulation in my fingers...and
i will NEVER do it again..

should really have gotten a room, 
but i just so wanted to be home.

* * *

that all said...
there are many of our friends who are not yet home, 

please pray for them to be safe
and find their homes in one piece when they get there.

* * *

at the show, 
the weather was 80 and sunny

we had a blast, made lots of new friends,
sold just TONS of jewelry,
and all in all
just loved the show.

there is so much to show you..
i have about 700 pictures...

they will follow when i know 
everyone is home 

* * *



running to the country living fair

stopped by the smokey mountains

check out my photos here


tweet tweet

 * * *


as if i dont have enough on my plate


i am trying to learn to twitter..

or should i say 'tweet' 
as i'm told i need to say
if i want to sound like i know what i'm talking about

 i have to say ..

it's a younger person's game

this social networking......

i am exhausted trying to learn it all

but i'm giving it me best shot

so if you 'tweet'....

and bear with my while i learn 
and try not to make fun of me....!

last weekend

* * *

a quick post before i'm off to Atlanta !!

 * * *

this weekend was the last of 
tarentum mine 
shows for the season

it will be cold here soon
so you have to enjoy these
shows  while you can...

the sun was shining this weekend,
so it was just perfect for walking around

slightly muddy

but still perfect fall weather ~

how cool are these??

personal silver plate ashtrays !!

dont think i've ever seen that before...

and of course
santa starts to make his appearance

check out this washing machine...way cool

and you gotta love the people you meet

all in all a great weekend..

but heading out tomorrow on my trip 
to atlanta for the 
country living fair !!

i'm in booth number
if you're going..
please stop by and introduce yourself !!

headin' south y'all

planning the trip to stone mountain georgia - country living fair - next week 

 below is the route we are taking... 

 any thoughts? 


 great junking places to send me????

 let me know....

leaving tuesday..

 thanks ! 

View Larger Map

what's in a name

* * *


 - - -
funny  name....

what does it mean ???

how do you pronounce it ???


 - - -


_ _ _ 

the origin - by definition :



noun act or instance of placing close together or side by side,  
especially for comparison or contrast.
(it's actually a decorating term)
- - - 


1. an act or instance of placing close together or side by side the old and new, 
especially for comparison or contrast.

such as...
OLD typewriter keys, NEW settings 
ROUGH skeleton keys, SMOOTH pearls
VINTAGE silverware, NEW STYLE stamping
OLD dictionaries & hymnals,, NEW bubbles & matboards 
on and on and on and on ...

we are only limited by our imagination !!

_ _ _

my definition:
the juxtaposition of junk 

_ _ _'s a strange name....i am aware....

i didnt follow any of the 'business' rules for choosing a name...

_ _ _

(and the fact that it's lower case...always puts me at the end of the list...sigh...)

 _ _ _

but i can live with it all...

because mostly i'm just called...

"the typewriter key lady with the funny name ... you know ... starts with a J....."

but that's ok...they know who i am...

_ _ _

so i suppose my point, 
in this internet world,

you only have to know how to spell it once..

then 'bookmark' the pages you are interested in...


and when you google search me...

dont let this discourage you:
 Did you mean: juxtaposition

tell them NO....i KNOW what i meant.....

juNxtaposition regrets...i LOVE my name....if you know know me....

and to KNOW me is to LOVE me..

_ _ _

right back at ya ! 

please note........
 send a girl some love and click on this button on my side bar
not here..........over there ------------------------------------------------------------------->
please, let me know you're here........
it makes it all worth while !!
thanks !

blog local

* * * have you heard of blog local?

me either...
but the prospect sounds interesting. 

 you can go there ... check the map ... and find other bloggers from your geographic area 

how cool is that??

the link is:

check it out
* * *

bedford in the fall

* * *

took a day off this weekend...

yeah..i know..shocker...

and i went up to bedford pa

to check out the

fall foliage festival

mostly it's a huge craft show

i went with lucy of bel monili

she brought her awesome jewelry to share with all the fair-goers

  isnt it great when the falling leaves just color coordinate with your display?

it was a tad chilly for my taste

but the fall foliage did cooperate and make for a nice background

ran into my laura
selling her fabulous country candles

mostly totally country type crafts filled the streets

they did have some awesome apple cider being made on the spot with a cool antique
'apple cider making machine'
(that's the technical term)

 nice setting .. up in the mountains .. but too dreary to get any great mountain shots

i am not all that much into
'country crafts'
but it was a fun 'girls' weekend
with friends old and new !

above, this girl
paints on old wood...
and her business has a great name !

about the closest i got to an antique

although i will say the architecture in this town is amazing !

i'm going to head up there another day (with a little sun) and take house photos !

just look at those windows !!

this little yellow house is the one i would love to have.... just gave me taste of the foliage...and am now looking forward to my trip 
to atlanta (country living fair) in a few weeks where the leaves in those mountains
are the best i've ever seen !!

but first onto 
fort ligonier days
this upcoming weekend !!

running running running
as always


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