come junkin' with me

 * * *
want to come along junking with me ?

memorial weekend is a buying weekend for me.

every year . . . on this weekend . . . i hit 4 major fleas

- - -

- - -
first stop - rogers ohio 
for the 
friday flea

stay overnite in alliance ohio..and then on to 
hartville ohio 
for the 
hartville flea

then back home to washington pa
for the
washington antiques fair

and then on to
bridgeville pa
trader jack's flea market !
and every yard/garage/barn sale 
& antique shop 
along the way

- - -

since i know you were wishin' you were with me..
here are some of the highlights

this is what rogers flea looks like on a good day:

seriously... have you ever seen one of these ??
it was too cool for words !


now that's how you pack a truck for the flea...


turquoise AND numbers .... hold me back !

button button who's got the button ?
country store stuff
and always windows !!
you do have to get up pretty early to get the good stuff...
that my friends is the moon still up...

 just look at the wear on the leather straps of these bells...
i'd say they've been around the block a time or two

i think that what i love about a flea most is the mix of things..
totally mid century modern chairs next to an ancient record player

i cant possible show you how large the flea is in hartville
for the holiday they have what they call an extravaganza 

there were about 1200 vendors
this pic is a tiny section 

you just never know what you will find

love me some drawers.......always !

giant dick and jane story book
you dont see that every day !

got barbie ?

- - - 
and what did i come home with..
lots and lots of goodies

these.....(dont ask)

and although i wanted all of these... i only brought home the top one

3 typewriters.....

oh and so much more...........
are you jealous yet ?? 

 i cant show you everything..
you have to come along next time !!!

heading out tomorrow morning forrogers again and the friday flea
and then saturday a somewhat local town has an  
all town flea..
cant wait !

i LOVE my job !

on the road again

* * * 
well we're off and on the road again
the 'summer tour' of
bel monili & juNxtaposition 
has begun
1st stop

the spring market at 
the old luckett's store
in leesburg, va

 we'd never been there before
so we were excited to see what a fabulous show they put on !

 so much 'junk' ... you know the good kind !!

check out this little turquoise metal drawer set........loved it !!!

the venue itself was awesome and just right for this type of show

i'm so tired.... i think you are just getting pictures from here on...enjoy 


the old tyme marketplace

childs formica table set..........awesome !

 if there had been room in the truck . .
this chandy would have come home with us, 
but i would have had to
hold it in my lap all the way home !

you could even buy some new duds there !!

i love globes..especially odd color ones - like white !

and added pleasure was that there was a 
hometalk meet up on sunday !!

special guest Donna from Funky Junk
( picking out a 'junker' type key bracelet in my booth )

speaking of our booth......
my bestie Lucy from bel monili 
and I combined our efforts to 
make one massive display...
what'd ya think ??

hope you get some feel for what it was like to be there...
plan to come next year if you can..
it's a wonderful show !
(even in the rain)

dinner saturday night with some of our on line bloggin friends..
most of us meeting for the first time
such fun !!

Lucy from bel monili
Miriam from hometalk
Karen from the Graphics Fairy
Breida from Breida with a b.
Diane from in my own style
Donna from Funky Junk Interiors
Allison from the Golden Sycamore
also there, but not in the pic
Amy from Atta Girl Says
Sue from Vintage Rescue Squad

a good time was had by all

_ _ _

now i'm working tirelessly to get ready for

if  you want to see where else our 
summer tour
 is taking us
just click  

* * * 
if you're not already a fan

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