local history

i live in one of the greatest cities in the world

no really...i do

i have lived here all my life
(pittsburgh, pa)

i moved away for a year
(a LONG time ago)
and it made me realize how much i took it all for granted

anyway...ever since the ducky tour...
i have been wanting to explore more of our
fine city

so...a local tour group was doing
'test' tours and i signed up...

(usually a $25 charge, but since it was a test, it was free !)

this week's tour was our local Mt washington

which is a town high above the 'downtown'

the views are fabuous...have been photographed by many a professional photographer...

and as i learned on the tour,
it is supposedly the second best view of a city in the world...

(sorry, cant remember what she said the first one was)


it was a dreary rainy day...
so i didnt get really great pics...
but here goes

one of the coolest parts of mt washington
is just getting there.

we have 2 sets of historic inclines on this hill side

we rode this one

for those not familiar with an incline
it runs on 2 tracks and a sort of pulley system

when one goes up the other comes down

my friend Tess and Jordan and Krystal
who i dragged with me on this dreary day

alot of people ride this everyday to work

isnt that amazing...what a great way to  start your day

you can even bring your bike !

here's what they had to travel up before the incline was built...haha
can you imagine that walk every day !!!!

would keep you in shape i suppose !

and here is apic of what it looked like when it was first built

we have a really great city
and this summer i plan to stop taking it for granted
and explore more of it...

but this week...it's time to get back working
on the house....

tax season is over....
i have a couple weeks til my next show...


painting it is.............

spring escape - post 3

here is the final post of our spring escape

driving down the highway....

they spotted this cave.......

can you beleive how clear the water is???

oops..............this is why they brought their parents....

but isnt it beautiful ??

one last look

it really was cool

dont know why it was originally dug out
but too awesome to keep to themselves !

(oh..but probably dangerous)

last post from this trip

on to other things..

scheduled for a local tour today,
but it's supposed to pour rain

not sure how that's going to go...

til next time

spring escape - post 2

trip to seneca rocks

my kids discovered this place while on an excursion

they had been wanting to show it to me for a while

they had not hiked to the top and they really wanted to

 they thought i would hike it with them

hahahahaha...way up there.....


if the sign about death..haha..wasnt enough..it was actually really hot the day we were there

and they have snakes.........ewh

i made it a little further than the sign that said
'you are 1/4 of the way there'

gave them my camera
and said..have fun, catch you on the way down

they made it all the way to the top !!

awesome view

a bit too much for me

he's lucky i wasnt up there with him...
i would have killed him for getting this close to the edge !!!

hmmm...and just where was my camera in this shot???

my kiddo was brave...but not me.....here's where i was...


so much for that mountain !
maybe i'll give it a try on a cooler day

that's it for our first excursion this year

more to come

spring escape - post 1

the weather was nice for a day..haha

we're not getting much more than that yet...

so we headed off on an escapde.

our destination was west virginia
and seneca rocks

 we traveled through the mountains along the way
i dont think i ever saw such BIG rocks

the views were beautiful, even with everything still blah

how cool is this truck we passed in someone's front yard??

at the bottom of the hill we came to a tractor graveyard

how cool is this place

this baby has seen better days !!

the store adjacent
must have been the only one for miles

they sold anything and everything...really....i mean really

here is there soda selection.....sorry..it just cracked us up....

one last thing for this segment...
they must get some kind of snow here....

we passed a couple of snow removal machines
like none i've seen before...

also...more 'windmills' then i've ever seen in one place...
this is only a small sample of them.....

and gees ...are they huge up close

this trip was too many pictures for just one post..
so this is just the first....
more from seneca rocks tomorrow...


and just on a side note
i became fasinated by all the falling down
barns and sheds we passed along the way

i want to do this trip again
and just take pics of the sheds we saw..

amazes me...
i dont think i get it???

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