Christmas in march???

Christmas in March...what the heck ???

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let the games begin

the sun is out
the sky is blue
it must be time
to start the hunt
the hunt for junk
that is......

i happen to be very good at this game

you want it...i'll find it

but early in the 'flea market' season,
it's just fun to get out there
and see what's available

last weekend it was finally nice enough
to leave the house and hit the flea

how cool are these???
they are huge old floor scrubbers,
cant wait to see what i do with them !

a box of old letters that will be painted and shabby'd up

scrabble tiles i always pick up

some cool old books..
this one might come in handy

or maybe this one

this one just cracked me up

picked up some 'lifts' for my displays


some random junk

a box of handles...........hmmmm

some birdies to alter

silverware...also an 'always'

pretty forks

my friend Casey hooked me up with a TON of slides

and this huge barrel just full of old linens

mostly cotton and all patched up !
just the way i like 'em

and of course lots and lots

that i cant show you....just yet

this is my favorite time of year.........
there are so many people out...
and so many fleas to go to.....

this past weekend i hit our local one,
a church one,
and an antique fair !!

let the games begin !

april showers...........

i know i'm a few days early..
but when those showers come
i'm ready !!
i am so excited i just had to show you
 what i got this week
i've been looking for
just the right ones
 for a while now

i found them !!!!

just love the flowers,
the buckles,
and always
the pink !

and check out that tread !
baby ...i'm ready...bring on the rain

just in time for flea market season
arent i lucky ??!!

check this out............

you all know i'm a blog hog.....
this is new one i came across and have to share..............

check it out !

chili fest at the works !

i will be vending at this event...
looking forward to it...
everything at south side works
is a sweet urban experience.

silver - taxes - silver - taxes - silver - taxes - silver- taxes

this is my dilema.....
my 'other' life is that of a tax preparer.
(who would do that you say??)

time if not something i have
much of these days
but i didnt want to miss my silver sunday !!

that said...
i took a few moments and snapped
a few of my favorite things
for you to peruse...
just so you dont forget me......

they say you have to kiss a lot of frogs
before you find your prince??
i kiss this bad boy every day...
still havent found my guy.....

having worn specs since i was liitle,
these old ones just make me smile.....
maybe i'll add a ribbon and use
them for a while
that would freak people out
wouldnt it?
then they'd really know
how nuts i am !

cuppa rings

my favorite locket...
with my favorite girls

this combines 2 of my favs
old keys and numbers

more of my favs

my pap's watch

my dad's baby silverware
how cool is that???

oh well....
the snow has finally melted....well almost....
i have hopes that spring is on it's way....

when i get a few seconds, i'm working on my show schedule.

i cant wait until the piles and piles and piles
of paper in my office disappear
and i can bury myself in my studio.

why do i do this again????
hmmmm...every march, i wonder.........

happy silver sunday
see you next month !!

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