roadtrip !

loading up for our first
roadtrip of the year !!

heading up north to
hamburg new york

we are vending at
at the
agri center in hamburg
near buffalo

this is my first time with
these promoters,
but i've heard great things about them
so i'm looking foward to it

normally i dont do indoor shows,
i much prefer pulling my truck up to
my spot and unloading...

so not into the dollying deal, it a shot..

i figured it would be a great excuse
for a roadtrip..
take one route up and a
different one back

stop in small towns

look for antique shops

brush the snow off the truck

oh wait...that wasnt supposed to be part
of the deal....
how did that happen???

oh well...we got what we got...
no springtime weather here....
but really SNOW ????

but off we go....

will keep you posted

still working on the sort....
more of my favs that are coming with me on the move

1) old scale..just love the color on the dial

2) sheep picture in an old old flea market frame//leather !

3)cutest little rocker - flea find
bought it to go with......

4) my paps it !

5) old tambourine !
flea find..just love the coloring

and lastly...i will be taking my collection of
jeanne d'arc living magazines..

latest one up for preorder in the shop

here's a tease:

order now for shipment by the end of the month

and an update on the house...
going s l o w

here's a pic from this week

will it ever end???

for japan with love

to read more about this

to donate
and click on the big red circle

five friday favs....and a new junkmobile....

friday again..........gees..time goes fast..

well..this favorite thing is...

drum roll please.....

a new junkmobile !!

i love - love - love my new truck

i had no intention of getting a new truck,
my son and i just went to check these out...

i never thought they would get me good enough numbers...

but....they did !! 
and i went home with this baby !

so...this week..i'm going to tell you my five friday favs about my new truck !!

* * *

1) the chrome........whoo know i love the shiny for your vehicle...

(please pay no attention to the reflection
in the mirror back...duh)

* * *

2) the flip down flat passenger seat..
made to be a desk for your laptop....
or just a flat surface to write on...

 * * *

3) came with an on dash GPS..
will keep me from getting lost
on those road trips !!

* * *

4) totally awesome built in rack with hooks to tie down to..
and a painted on bed liner...

(this is the off road model ... so it comes with this to tie down your quad or motorcycle...)

but..haha..for me it will be holding down
my tent, tables, tubs....whooohooo !

and last but definately not least....

(website pics....easier to show)

5)the ultimate in trucking !
a fold out rack to make the bed longer...

* * *

i wanted a smaller truck
(mine was a bear to park)..
but i needed the longer bed to fit my tent..

this can go either way..
it also serves to hold in smaller items in the bed...

so cool...i just love it !!

lightwweight enough for even me to flip it..
or lift it out if i dont want it at all...

* * *

so that's it for this week....

happy trails.....

pay it forward 2011

i'm a big believer in sharing...
i have been blessed in the past i am joining
susie from
my home to yours
in this year's
Pay it Forward

Here's how it works....

The first five people who comment on this blog post
will receive a handmade gift from me.
In return, you must FIRST write
(dont forget to leave an email address)

a blog post explaining
Pay It Forward 2011

 Then.... send out a handmade gift
to the first 5 visitors who leave a comment on your post.

Take your don't need to send them all today
or tomorrow. Any time in the next few months.

No pressure. This is to be a joyful experience.

"It's not the size of the gift that matters,
but the spirit of paying it forward."

five friday favs week 2

friday sure does fly by sometimes..

although no one...(insert sob here)
joined my linky...i am still going to go on...alone....
all by myself.....

for the rest of the month anyway...

i figure it's a good learning experience


1) i love this little sugar bowl
it has that trophy look

nice little touch whereever you put it

2) old baby blocks

appropriate word

3) very old book that belonged to a great uncle
signed and dated 1913

4) awesome bird house..

what's not to love



the best thing i love this week

a new addition to our family

my great-neice mina !

dont you just love the circle of life..


well that's it for this week

five fav things of mine...

join if you want...dont if you dont..

happy spring
(we are currently on a 
severe snow storm warning...
6" expected by morning...blah !)

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white wednesday and five friday favs !

you all know my new couch house story

(if not read it here)

so i'm starting to work on the downsizing

easy peasy ....right???


i am a huge huge  ...did i mention huge....

organizer extraordinaire

i loved him on clean sweep and now i love him on
oprah's OWN network
on enough already

anyway i am trying to follow some of his rules
for getting rid of my stuff..
(insert laughter here)

in the process ... i am using the
if you dont love it or use it...get rid of it rule
i realized that i have a lot of stuff that i actually do love


for at least the month of march ...
i trying my first linky linky
to showcase

featuring 5 of my/your favorite things
they can be
whatever strikes you..

for my starting week..i am giving it a little
early bump to piggy back on faded charm's

i'm starting with all white to stay with her theme...
but you can hook up any five things you 'love'
i love my french doors...cant take them, but i already
installed new ones at the farmette

1. this wreath
found this at after holiday sale at big lots
dirt cheap and i love the look

2. my olde crow painting

i loved the door itself...but then i added
the olde crow and if i do say so myself..
i love him..

he's coming with me for sure...

3. very old skinny cupboard

bought this at an auction for $5
chippy chippy just the way i like it

fits's been all over my house

for sure will find a place for it

4. little silhouette

it hangs on the side of #3....along with an old yardstick

found in at the flea for a buck...

cant beat that and i love her

5. coffee dyed rag wreath

made it myself...discovered it is way too
time consuming to be something i would want to do and sell

but i like will stay...

and come back before friday and add your post for

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