7 days - 7 states - 700 pictures - day 7

* * *
f i n a l l y
yes, finally i am going to get thru this !!
day 7 !!
the last day of our trip,
we were still in NY city
we wanted to see EVERYTHING
of course, 
but with only a few hours left..
what is there to do but

yes indeed, we took at Gray Line Sightseeing Tour

you really can see a LOT from up on the top of a double decker bus 

like the multitudes of people roaming the streets at 5 o'clock !

if you never rode on a double decker bus...
they really are fairly high,
we could have reached up and touched the stop light !!
had to duck a few times !

anyway... just bringing you along on the tour

scaffolding EVERYWHERE in the city ...

signs that are 7 stories (yep..count it) high !

cool buildings

amazing architecture 

famous allies
(we were told many movie chase scenes were filmed in this one !)

china town

complicated signs ... what would you do if you werent wearing a watch ?

insane graffiti you could only see from this high up ~
(we were crossing a bridge at this point) 
can you say - petrified ~!!
i am deathly scared of heights ... yeah ..my heart was pounding 
and i was hanging on for dear life !

beautiful view of the river and the cityscape

they do have a LOT of trash in NY

penalty for honking ???
we dont have that here in the 'burgh

water towers on top of every building
some more decorative than others

i took a pic of these apt buildings..
just to say ..
look how many apartments there are..
in one small section...
just imagine how many people live in this small area !! wow !

and for those who dont know..
they pile up their cars here..
there is not enough room for parking ...
so they just stack them up ~~
look close... see the blue lines
there are cars stacked up inside there !

i love the graphicness of fire escapes !!


that's it ..
 7 days, 7 states and although i didnt show you all,
700 photos !!

it was quite an experience...
we can pack as much into a vacation 
as we can pack into my little truck !!

hope you enjoyed the ride...

now maybe i will get caught up ..
since this trip ...
we've made a few more...
nashville.... columbus ..... i really need to get to it !!

til next time ...

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