new jeanne d'arc living magazine

a perfect addtion to
over at Faded Charm

if you are not familiar just yet...

this is a Danish magazine
160 pages
that is more like a book
(a few small ads at the end ...none thruout)

only recently available in english

thick heavy paper
amazing photography
more inspiration than you can imagine !!

the danish style incorporates so much


somewhat shabby
somewhat elegant

i dont know what it is,
but they have learned the
'look' that i know i want

this latest issue is available in our shop
for the sale price of $25
with free shipping

(there will be 8 this year)

issue 2 is on it's way..
get ready for spring

you can pre-order this issue now in the shop
and we will ship as soon as it arrives
(early march)

thanks as always to Kathleen
for hosting the
blog party

dont forget to check out

stairway to seven

pittsburgh's going to the superbowl !!!

whoo hoo !!

nobody beats our steelers..........

and nobody beats our fans !!!!!


pittsburgh steelers are going up
'the stairway to seven'

this will be our 7th superbowl win


our city turns into

 Steeler Nation


everywhere you go you see Steeler signs, banners, flags...

it is such a wonderful atmosphere.

just about anywhere you work,
dress code is tossed out the window..

you're allowed to wear steeler shirts..
it's even encouraged

people decorate their cars, their homes, just about anything...

there is such a comradery

steeler fans are the best !!!!!!!

i'm so glad i live the in this city


upcoming shows

working on my show schedule for this year !

always an exhausting chore ...

dont forget country living has 2 shows now

this year...

September 16,17,18
Ohio Village, Columbus Ohio


October 21,22,23
Stone Mountain Park, Atlanta, Georgia

country living shows are the BEST

make your plans now as hotels fill up fast.

a wonderful 'girlfriends' weekend

there is nothing i know of that compares !

i'm always looking to try new ones..

this year i'm applying to about 6 that i have
never done before....

always open for suggestions.......????

new words

winter has set in here in pittsburgh,
everyone who knows me, knows i HATE HATE HATE winter..
give me the beach any day!'s cold and snowing and the wind is i am staying in and catching up on my reading.

did you know that every year they add new words to the dictionary???
well...been reading my aarp magazine..(yeah...i'm THAT old)
and they had an article this month with all the new words and/or new definitions. being a word person...and using dictionaries in my art...

i found it very interesting..

'friend' was added as a add to a list of personal associates on a website. hmm....sound facebookish to me...

also.. unfriend...also verb...obvious definition..

amazing how facebook has changed so many aspects of our lives...even new definitions ?? crazy huh?

'hater' is one i have heard a few friends means a negative person...(as in..i'm a facebook hater)..sounds like bad english to me...kind of like i 'heart' you...blah......(also added new definition.. to like very much...are you kidding me???

how about 'pimp' make something more showy or pimp my ride...too funny for me..

another one was 'buzzkill' this one really floors me...i am a child of the 60's and 70's so this is a word i myself used quite a bit.ahem...heard in my day....funny how they have just now made it a REAL word..

their definition is ...person or thing that has a depressing effect....maybe it took them this long to come up with a non drug related my meant about the same thing, but literally killing your buzz..(maybe i should work for websters)

some were 'tweet', or 'viral'...'staycation' (did that myself last year..remember the yurt?)  ..everyone knows those...

but how about 'matchy matchy'..yeah..haha..a REAL word...definition: excessively color coordinated.

and LBD...which i have only recently picked up on tv...little black dress...(i dont like that one...sounds dumb to me..)

others...exit stategy....know that one, frenemy..know that one..
bromance...even know that one..

but for the record there were a number of them i never heard of...

you can check them all out here:
new word list

well i must say..i dont know...but i think we may be getting dumber as a society...most of these words are simple mixes of other words, like we are too lazy to even say out a whole sentence...kind of like texting shorthand...

we may be doing our children a disservice with all the 'easier' ways to say things.....

i'm just sayin'

french doors

i know, i know,
it's been forever since i blogged,
crazy busy,
but i hate missing a

i have started working on the house..

the goal was one year from purchase

(which was may)

so i better hop to it.

well...i havent actually done much..
my carpenter has been working though..

so my white wednesday
is my new white french doors !

ooh ooh i just love them !

they are going to make such a difference.

(and the windows were saved
and added at the top of the stairs..
to be blogged about later)

but actually ..
i'm just happy that i've started doing


on the house

check out these ancient beams !

they are huge !

i just cant wait til all the men
are done with their work

so i can get to the good stuff !!

and trust me..there will be many many
white wednesdays
since my decor will be mostly
white !

hop on over to

and check out the other posts

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