24 January 2011

stairway to seven

pittsburgh's going to the superbowl !!!

whoo hoo !!

nobody beats our steelers..........

and nobody beats our fans !!!!!


pittsburgh steelers are going up
'the stairway to seven'

this will be our 7th superbowl win


our city turns into

 Steeler Nation


everywhere you go you see Steeler signs, banners, flags...

it is such a wonderful atmosphere.

just about anywhere you work,
dress code is tossed out the window..

you're allowed to wear steeler shirts..
it's even encouraged

people decorate their cars, their homes, just about anything...

there is such a comradery

steeler fans are the best !!!!!!!

i'm so glad i live the in this city



Kerri said...

i live in dallas- interested to see how our city becomes absolute chaos soon! yay for your team!

oldgreymare said...


and you're spelling is correct as I recall now but our pronunciation in our home in Latrobe was to rid up..usually bellowed by a parent as in rid up your room NOW!

perhaps that is why I ended up organizing people's homes? lol


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