they now have an amazing half-million signatures on the petition.
if everyone gets just one more person to sign, we can double that to one million!
jamie is my him change the way our children eat !!!

earth day giveaway at poppytalk handmade

To celebrate Earth Day's 40th Anniversary today and their "Green Pop" eco-themed market at Poppytalk Handmade this month, they are excited to be offering a giveaway starting tonight on their blog!
Check it out...lots of great artist.......all HANDMADE !!!
(juNxtaposition exhibits there !!)

see it

too cold for me.........

the plan was to set up and sell today at the new pittsburgh flea market
in the infamous strip district

however, an early moring coffee on my deck let me
know that with 40 degree temps
and in and out showers,
i would never make it through the day

but natch..i had to go anyway
just to see what was what

first noticed
they are now charging for parking in the strip
$5...a bit steep imo

not many cars in the lot
we just found a spot on the street was a bit of a walk...but......
the good appears to be worth it !
some cool antique vendors..though we have a few regular good sunday antique shows around here
so hard to say how many dealers will be there on a regular basis...also...they need to lower their prices
just a bit.......this being a flea market.....not an antique show.
this guy had some really cool stuff .not sure where he's from, but i havent seen him before
"rough around the edges"...great name too.........

also saw my 'craft show buddies' Whimsical Wonders'..they sell on etsy.....find them here
great tea shirts from neighbor teaze
all the local your 'burg love
some cool furniture like this.........but not much of it...
all in all.......there seemed to be a steady stream of customers......can imagine that on a nice sunny day there
could be quite a crowd........may turn in to a great place to sell of the 'off' weekends....we'll see........

my success......hmmm.......or maybe boatloads of dumb luck !

simple and sweet saturday nite special

my first join up to the saturday nite special

diy anything goes

take one old window that noone wants

add some handpainted roses

add some french text

hang it in a well lit room
so crazy shadows give it some depth

if you cant paint freehand, put a picture behind it
and just trace !!
voila !
 shabby chic decor
for very little time and money

i made it at south side works

the i made it market this weekend was wonderful

the weather was great,

the goods were better

and the customers were best of all !!

thanks casey, april and dave,amber and ava
for stopping by

check out my ava's cool fish !!

thanks to all who came out

next weekend......
the new pittsburgh flea

check it out down in the strip


have no idea what it will be like,

but we're giving it a shot

hope to see you there...

baking goodies in the sun

getting it all together for the big
chili fest this weekend at south side works !

my tags and quotes are so much easier to make
when the sun is out

they need to 'bake' just a bit
and sunshine is the best !!

so excited to have at least one day
this week of sun

here they are 'baking' on my front walk
my neighbors really must think i'm nuts !

pile of quoteboards all ready to go !

if you're in the 'burg, stop by and do
some chili testing

never enough

i read in someone's blog lately ..
that they were out looking for easter eggs for projects...

that if you dont buy them easter season..
that you wont find them later in the year ..
when you want them..

so ... anyway...
i have been looking for the past couple weeks..
i wanted the smaller ones....about an inch wide ones..

just my luck...noone had them.....
most of our stores were sold out already of easter stuff
or they had the big ones.......

but as always........the flea market didnt fail me.......haha

this lady had a table of them........
and being the hoarder junker that i am

i bought them all !!!!

16 - 2 dozen egg bags
32 dozen eggs
384 individual eggs
3 eggs to a nest
128 nests to be made

see what i mean...just never enough..........

hippity hoppity

happy bunny day

my sisters and i way way way back when...
when you got a new easter bonnet, white gloves and a coursage
for Easter sunday mass

the easter bunny also brought us cool giftage...
like these schwinn bikes !!
(i know age is showing again)

i'm so NOT a city girl

note: click on any of the pics for better look

even though i was raised a bit
closer to the city,
i have lived in the suburbs
for the past 24 year.

i'm not saying it's county here,
but you can hear the cows moo early in the morning.

tonite we hit the city streets
in a section called garfield
and attended the GA/gi festival.

anyway, the weather was awesome
if not actually a little on the hot side
(guess we arent having a 'spring'this year)
and we figured it sounded like a cool thing to do.

first we hit the
pittsburgh glass center

they had a great exhibit going on
"From the Earth to the Fire and Back"

everything was made of glass
(duh..hence the name 'pittsburgh glass center')

my favorite by far

nice necklace

and i did love is a genuine old
window, mosaic'd and grouted

then we headed across the street to the new
glass lofts

some sort of 'eco living' structure

didnt really get it all,
but definately 'lofty'

the coolest thing i thought
was that they used garage doors to open out to
the balconies

tres cool !

they were mostly empty,
used tonite for art installations

i enjoyed the architecture much more
so that's mostly what i'm
going to show you

a little preface....

this is a really bad part of town,
some groups are working very hard
to make this street the
art district

as you can see
alot of buildings have been bought up
(no doubt, very cheaply)
and renovated

this is a tattoo parlor... nice job with the building

there were alot of creative ways people used the space

liked these awnings
very innovative

i also have a thing for old doors
i just love em
shame, some of these are
on abondoned houses
but the doors are still too cool to me
would love to have them !

some buildings were just cleaned up
painted and such
with no modern touches added
(that's the way i like them) you think so ??

side of a building
nicely painted..the building...not so much

this was have to click on the pic and read it///too hard to explain

same and read.....

this was my favorite 'artsy' thing
click on the pic and really look at it !

way coolness.......
(i think i need some new adjectives)

used to be me..
not anymore
6 years now smoke free ...yeah !!!
(but i still got a kick out of the sign)

greasy, yummy pizza...mmmmmm
wait a minute...
is that a cow i see.............
something familiar !

think i'm not in kansas anymore toto...

oh wait...and i met this guy on the street

haha...he asked me for directions.....

i took a gazillion more pics,
but i think i have to stop...
need to get some zzzzzzzzzzz
so i can get up and head to 2 flea markets in the a.m.

ta ta

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