Lucketts Spring Market 2014

* * *

So ............ April showers...
well, lets say ... May showers....
and lots of them 

brought a mud filled "wear your boots"
Lucketts Spring Market this year

after the initial insanity of scrambling to move vendors 
because all of the fields literally turned into swimming pools

everything settled down and the show went on 

bel monili and I signed up for 4 spots, ended up lucky with 2, 
but we worked hard to make the best of it !

Come take a walk with me around the fair

our friend Sue from Vintage Rescue Squad 
~ a kindred spirit ~ 
always brings the most unique stuff

we also met up with  Robin from the Robin's Nest who can bring it for sure !

check out the stand above.... top is made from an old bowling alley ..
you gotta love it !!

and this was another piece from the Robin's Nest booth
if the awesome color and retro-ness wasn't enough,
they turned it into a floor lamp !!

and Joanna from Findings @ Summer house 
 ( one of our country living fair friends )
really knows how to pack a booth

after all the rain, we were certainly pleased that the sun shone all weekend

we are aware that the parking was non existent, and they were tons of issues, 
but those who attended said it was fantastic, especially considering all the hiccups

as always, we were exhausted after 2 fun filled days,
and did the 3 hour drive home Sunday night

poor Lucy did the drive home, 
directly into the sun as it seems
we always end up doing !
(but made for great photo op for me)

so .................. 2 weeks at home and then on to New York and  
Country Living Fair in Rhinebeck
hope to see YOU there !

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