7 days - 7 states - 700 pictures - day 6

* * *
yes, i am well aware that it's been
ridiculously long since i have posted...

but in my defense ... i've been traveling 
doing shows ... having fun ..

regardless.... i am back and have to finish my 7 days posts
because it was such a good time, 
i cant let it go undocumented ...

then i plan to get caught up ...i promise ...

- - - 

we jumped right out of the show ... and drove straight toward NEW YORK !!! 
state # 6 

the drive was brutal !!
lucky for me ..it was Lucy's turn to drive ..haha...

GPS was pretty much useless !

our friend Ang ..was a life safer...
she hooked us up at a hotel in Rahway NJ
(there you go ...state #7 !)

the Indigo is a perfect place to stay if you want to go to the city
and you have NO idea what you are doing ....

look what's right across the street !

that would be a train station
 for those (like me) who would
not know that !

Ang met us for breakfast and a quick
'train into the city' lesson !

havent been on a train since i was a little girl ..
strange.... since these folks do it every day to go to work,
but it was fun for us !

but when we hit the city ... we were on our own !

we had one day ...
and an itinerary !!

and a map ..haha

it was about 90 degrees ... yeah in the city .... full of people
and we had to trek from one end to the other to fulfill
what we came to do !!

first stop
fashion district !

we were headed to a place we had only read about online...but looked amazing...
it did not dissapoint ...in fact it far exceeded our expectations
can you say ... overwhelmed ?


it was remember 90 degrees .... and no air in this place ...yikes ..it was HOT ...
we climbed, we sorted, we were losing our minds .... and we were on a schedule ...

needless to say ...we did leave with a haul and a promise to ourselves to come back again !

if you ever get a chance to go ...
(wholesale only)
hook up with Elyse .. the owner...
let her know you're coming and she'll take good care of you
_ _ _

our next stop .... as we tried to take in the city  ...

while we were in Rhinebeck for the Country Living Fair,
we were personally invited to tour the 
Country Living Magazine offices ...
certainly couldnt pass that up !

beautiful building
(can you tell we were a bit excited!) 
(and a tad exhausted ..haha)

- -

i love how they make use of all their space !

- - -

i'm not sure what was more heady ...
actually being in the Country Living offices
(yeah ..i'm a geek)
or the view from up there !

and this my friends ... just took my breath away ...
can you imagine looking at this out your window 
every day at work ??

yes...this is for real...i took this ...with old crappy camera !
it is the entire of central park
yep...awesome doesnt cover it !

 - - -

well ...now...off to find something to eat 
before our last stop before we had to leave this fair city

random photos on our walk

i have a thing for the graphicness of many fire escapes
& there are a LOT in New York

pink box truck ..um ..yeah

need a bike ?
they have a few...

and below... dont ask .... just made me laugh ... i dont get it  ??
sorry, but who would pay what i can only imagine was a LOT of money 
to have this made and put in your lobby ?

yes, i know...it's kind of like looking at someone's vacation slides...
but come on ...it's

next post .... our double decker bus tour !!
whoo hoo !!!

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