one man's trash

working hard getting ready for a show this weekend,
but just cant miss
over at faded charm

this great wooden piece sits on the windowsill in my office

i painted it white and chipped it out
(we all know just about anything looks great
when you paint it white and chip it out !)

isnt it awesome?

can you tell what it is...
where it came from......

ok..i'll tell you....

it was a part of an old organ
you know..the part where you set your music on

too cool huh ?

destined for the trash heap and rescued by moi !
you know what they say..
one man's trash...

ha ! my treasure !

head on over to white wednesday to see more.

cyber monday

in anticipation of cyber monday
(and basically the whole holiday season)
i have been working like crazy to get my
website full and up to date

i think you all know i make typewriter key jewelry

i have also made these great bubbles
since the beginning of my business

i make sheet music, dictionary words,
numbers, just about anything can be put
under a bubble

i make most of my stuff from recycled
or found items i pick up in my travels

i love silverware jewelry, but i like to be different,
so i do not make the typical stuff..
i hand stamp all my silverware items myself !

i keep some of the bowls round and
sell these are 'worry' spoons..
along the same lines as worry stones..
only cooler.....:)

skeleton keys for some reason
are always a big seller..
and i have a ready supply
at our local flea

i have a HUGE stash of vintage pearls
which i add just for touch of whimsy

and these i have also made since the beginning

they were originally designed
from photos in my personal vintage collection

i love that ... it makes them
MY design that noone can copy !

they are made from formica samples...
how cool is that???

i have previously made these from old wood..
i changed to small canvases this year..

it was becoming harder and harder to find wood
and some people didnt like the
'dirtiness' rusticness of the wood

anyway..these have been sellgin ok,
but i still like more the recycledness of the wood..

it's an experiment...will be using canvas
through the holiday season..
we'll see how it sells..

i have added these cute little prints just for the holidays

they are little snippets that i like
and they are printed on
old dictionary pages and matted with an aged matting..
they come ready to frame

(they have been selling really well
at the last few shows so they be staying on)

this year i have added the jeanne d'arc living magazine line

they have reprinted a special Christmas book
and it is FABULOUS

you should check it out if you are not familiar...
you will fall in love with this magazine

i have added a few vintage items to the site for holiday giving

some altered baby shoes, tap shoes...

silver cups stamped with numbers
these make great jewelry holders,
candle holders, key holders,
basically...holders...ha ! of whatever you need to hold

and you may note the really cool 'wings' added to the cup above

arent they wonderful ??

i saw them last year on a sweedish blog
(one of my addictions)

i thought they were so awesome
and i couldnt find anything like it here,
so i ordered a batch of them to sell this holiday season. 
i am offering them WITH my silver cups
or for purchase alone on the site !

because they come all the way from denmark
the cost is higher than i would like,
but they really are cool

this is what i have been up to...

all of our items make great gifts,
are affordable
(and always FREE shipping)
so stop by and send your friends !!

happy holidays.......

shop handmade !

i have a clock problem

hello, my name is jeanne and i have a problem with clocks

at flea markets,
estate sales,
i cant seem to pass one by...and not buy...

i love the old graphic quality of vintage clocks

they add to perfect touch to any vignette

i started collecting years ago,
then lined my window sill above my desk...
i look at them all the time...

they somehow seem to have spread out all over the house

and the best part is.. in anticipation of my downsized move,
...i just recently pared down this collection !

i tried to just keep one of each style/color....

and yet i cant stop buying them...

what's up with that???

well...i'm not alone...
stop over at funky finds
saturday nite special....
it's collection theme nite..
and see what everyone else collects.

blog help

if you are a blog hopper.......reader.....writer....

please hop on over to funky junk and read

so much great info that aparently many people dont know.

thanks donna !

numbers all around

i personally am a big fan of numbers...
well any graphics work for me...
especially black on white.

i like them in decorating...
just about on anything.

most of the items that i make and sell
are graphically driven

is all about numbers this week

so i thought i'd show you one of my creations.

i have been making these bubble necklaces for a while now

i have quite a stash of goodies to choose from:

this is just a small sample of my stash !

anyway, i first did just dictionary ones,
then moved on to sheet music.

i learned the eaiest way to find old aged sheet music

was to pick up old hymnals

they seem to be everywhere
and the graphic quality is geat
and the paper is perfectly aged!

just recently i took note of the numbers

and realized how cool they would look in a bubble !


i added them to the collection

i use numbers in a few other tid bits........
but i'll save those for another time.........

hop on over to the
and check out loads of other posts !

also linking to
hippity hop on over........

white wednesday

the temps are dropping....
the night is coming earlier...
the snow is coming....
it's time for me to hibernate !

those who know me,
know i do not leave my house in the winter...
(well...not if i can help it !)

i do not like cold....
i do not like dark...
i do not like snow...

luckily i work for myself..
so i can just stay in
when it's like this.

last year it looked like this around here:

i am updating my website
trying to ready it for the
holiday rush !!
(sure hope)

and last year i found this cool thing called
snow effect.
it adds falling snow to your webpage.
i loved it. but...
i knew i would forget how to do it !
i saved the directions..
i cant believe it, but i found them !
yeah !

have added snow to my blog and site.
hopefully you can see it !

the only snow i want to see this year...please.

hop over to faded charm cottage and see all sorts of whites
white wednesday

*if it werent for my family...i really would live at the beach

black friday

hooking up with french cupboard's black friday this month

mostly here...the sky is black...dreary...blah !

but here goes:

i make typewriter key jewelry, i make a lot of different types of jewelry, but i am known for my typewriter key jewelry.

in the course of 'finding' supplies, i go to flea markets, antique shops, auctions, yard sales..
just about anywhere there may be an old typewriter.

i see a LOT of typewriters.
i've been doing this for years, but it still
amazes me how different they all are.

every brand had it's own design
and within each brand,
the design changed from year to year.

sometimes, i have a hard time
reusing them.
i know...noone wants them...really..
i can buy them at auction for $1 many many times.
really noone wants them..

but's still hard.

so...sometimes...i have to hold on to one for a while,
display it,
love it,
for a little while...
before i let it go.

when i come accross a better one,
i let it go...

right now on my shelf ...sits this little cutie.

this is a traveling typewriter

it's so little

and to beat that....

it folds in half !!

i just love that !!
so way cool,
the way they used to make things...
look how small it goes !

just love the graphics back then...

this one also has unique keys.

each one has three functions

lower case, upper case and a symbol.

(most have only 2 functions)

this was done to eliminate that top row
on the keyboard...
their goal...small, small, small.

they accomplished it !

anyway, this one has received
a reprieve for now...

hop on over to french cupboard's blog
and check out the other entries
black friday.

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