27 November 2010

cyber monday

in anticipation of cyber monday
(and basically the whole holiday season)
i have been working like crazy to get my
website full and up to date

i think you all know i make typewriter key jewelry

i have also made these great bubbles
since the beginning of my business

i make sheet music, dictionary words,
numbers, just about anything can be put
under a bubble

i make most of my stuff from recycled
or found items i pick up in my travels

i love silverware jewelry, but i like to be different,
so i do not make the typical stuff..
i hand stamp all my silverware items myself !

i keep some of the bowls round and
sell these are 'worry' spoons..
along the same lines as worry stones..
only cooler.....:)

skeleton keys for some reason
are always a big seller..
and i have a ready supply
at our local flea

i have a HUGE stash of vintage pearls
which i add just for touch of whimsy

and these i have also made since the beginning

they were originally designed
from photos in my personal vintage collection

i love that ... it makes them
MY design that noone can copy !

they are made from formica samples...
how cool is that???

i have previously made these from old wood..
i changed to small canvases this year..

it was becoming harder and harder to find wood
and some people didnt like the
'dirtiness' rusticness of the wood

anyway..these have been sellgin ok,
but i still like more the recycledness of the wood..

it's an experiment...will be using canvas
through the holiday season..
we'll see how it sells..

i have added these cute little prints just for the holidays

they are little snippets that i like
and they are printed on
old dictionary pages and matted with an aged matting..
they come ready to frame

(they have been selling really well
at the last few shows so they be staying on)

this year i have added the jeanne d'arc living magazine line

they have reprinted a special Christmas book
and it is FABULOUS

you should check it out if you are not familiar...
you will fall in love with this magazine

i have added a few vintage items to the site for holiday giving

some altered baby shoes, tap shoes...

silver cups stamped with numbers
these make great jewelry holders,
candle holders, key holders,
basically...holders...ha ! of whatever you need to hold

and you may note the really cool 'wings' added to the cup above

arent they wonderful ??

i saw them last year on a sweedish blog
(one of my addictions)

i thought they were so awesome
and i couldnt find anything like it here,
so i ordered a batch of them to sell this holiday season. 
i am offering them WITH my silver cups
or for purchase alone on the site !

because they come all the way from denmark
the cost is higher than i would like,
but they really are cool

this is what i have been up to...

all of our items make great gifts,
are affordable
(and always FREE shipping)
so stop by and send your friends !!

happy holidays.......

shop handmade !


Kim said...

Love your items. Good luck to you during the holidays.

Andrea | HomageStyle.com said...

I *knew* you were familiar when you posted on my blog!

Then when I saw this post I remembered why...I bought a couple of your formica art tags a couple of years ago!

Still have them on my bulletin board and love them!

Also love the cups with wings!

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