not currently a fan of the big mac,
but i have eaten my share back in the day !

we drive by this 'big mac museum' all the time,
but have never stopped until last week.
i remember the first micky d's in our part of the country ...
i was just a little girl and my parents would pack up the whole family
and head there for dinner the car !!
yeah...5 kids, 2 adults....eating in the car...
back then, they didnt have inside seating.

as a clue to my frugal inspiration, my mom, the queen on cheap..ahem...frugality...did not think that paying 5 cents for a piece of cheese made any we brought our own cheese slices with us...along with a large bottle of pop...we werent giving them any hard earned dollars for that either...(still a pet peeve of mine...$2 for a coke is beyond my understanding !)...anyway, we would get there, place our order...plain burgers, and small fries for each of us 5 kids and mom and dad...then she would open up the glove box and pull out the cheese, do up our burgers, then pour us each a cup of pop !~! big night out in the cherry household ! and the best part is we loved it ! and it probably cost them all of 3 or 4 dollars ! these are fond memories for which we still tease our mom.

then we got a bit older, and along came the big mac ! whew hoo! we were instant fans.

we had also discovered the delish mc d milk shakes....
and we were allowed EITHER a bigmac or a milk shake
but never BOTH on the same trip ...gees my parents were cheap !

apparently the bigmac was invented here in PA....
a fact i never knew..interesting.

remember the words??..................could you say it ???
i practiced and practiced and could do it in a breeze !
still can ! some things just stay with you.

oh well, just a little trip down memory lane...

as a side note, this mc d's actually kinda looked more like a bar to me
than a mcdonald's.. this is in the kid's section..go figure.
the tvs overhead look like a sports bar???

this weekend

we were all over the place this past weekend
we took a ride up in the mountains,
went to an anique show and flea market.
this is just a mish-mash of pictures

i really do hate these people at the flea....boxes and boxes of china stuff
and the people clamor to it like its gold !!
i just dont get it.....

just liked this its seen a LOT of mail !!
country folk keep it til it truley wears out !
the leaves are almost done changing around here,
but the sun was out this weekend,
and the sky was oh ! so blue,
so i had to photograph the leaves !
steeler game sunday, the blimp was here
(that tiny spec in the sky)
a perfect day for a football game
many many leaves have already fallen....get out those rakes !

look at that sky !
a perfect day for anything outside !
friday was cloudier........but surrounded by color in the mountains was amazing
we started at the break of day !!!

cool trailer

loved this guy's van...had some sort of sunsetter awning
attached to the side.
pull up and ready to go !
no ez-up required !

indian summer !!!

i loved this old chair...
never saw one that old with a drink holder !!
the other arm opened up for mazazines.
perfection !

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