30 October 2009


not currently a fan of the big mac,
but i have eaten my share back in the day !

we drive by this 'big mac museum' all the time,
but have never stopped until last week.
i remember the first micky d's in our part of the country ...
i was just a little girl and my parents would pack up the whole family
and head there for dinner ......in the car !!
yeah...5 kids, 2 adults....eating in the car...
back then, they didnt have inside seating.

as a clue to my frugal inspiration, my mom, the queen on cheap..ahem...frugality...did not think that paying 5 cents for a piece of cheese made any sense..so we brought our own cheese slices with us...along with a large bottle of pop...we werent giving them any hard earned dollars for that either...(still a pet peeve of mine...$2 for a coke is beyond my understanding !)...anyway, we would get there, place our order...plain burgers, and small fries for each of us 5 kids and mom and dad...then she would open up the glove box and pull out the cheese, do up our burgers, then pour us each a cup of pop !~! big night out in the cherry household ! and the best part is we loved it ! and it probably cost them all of 3 or 4 dollars ! these are fond memories for which we still tease our mom.

then we got a bit older, and along came the big mac ! whew hoo! we were instant fans.

we had also discovered the delish mc d milk shakes....
and we were allowed EITHER a bigmac or a milk shake
but never BOTH on the same trip ...gees my parents were cheap !

apparently the bigmac was invented here in PA....
a fact i never knew..interesting.

remember the words??..................could you say it ???
i practiced and practiced and could do it in a breeze !
still can ! some things just stay with you.

oh well, just a little trip down memory lane...

as a side note, this mc d's actually kinda looked more like a bar to me
than a mcdonald's.. this is in the kid's section..go figure.
the tvs overhead look like a sports bar???


Rip said...

Nice, Jeanne!

Kim~HomeIsWhereTheHeartIs said...

Neat post...I had a big mac t-shirt that had the saying on it!

Rip said...

Nice, Jeanne! I still get the Big Boy burgers at Eat 'n Park- were they the inspiration for the Big Mac, or the other way around?

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