country living fair columbus 2012 - part deux

* * *
more more more
so very much more to see
at the 
country living fair
in columbus 

just tossing out some pictures for you to peruse

i'm still trying to get my head together...

so much eye candy..
so much stimulation....
so much to see !!!

 this is my girl gina
home girl

a huge fair favorite

too cool isnt it?
 these pics are from my best bud's and traveling pal's booth

bel monili

she does re-purposed vintage jewelry

and she rocks..
 love her designs ~~

we work hard to motivate each other
and i would never had made it through
the pre-show process 
without her this year !
 another great friend

green bubble gorgeous

the best soaps and bath products around
 cari cucksey from 
hgtv's cash and cari
shopping in my booth

 when these girls bought these signs and i asked why...
their answer was
"we have big brothers"

cracked me up
my "fans" happy you girls made it !!!

and everyone wanted to know where i go my apron

you can get one here..
that's what she thread

got a small bit of time to check out the 
antique section...

this was sunday morning...
i cant even imagine what it looked like on friday !!!
had to be amazing !

the only downside to 'doing' this show 
is not getting to see it....
olive grace

what can i say.....

gorgeous stuff...
and just the sweetest girl !!

isnt this just the best picture of cari and hass

(hgtv's cash and cari)

she's a doll...and he is hysterical !!

that's all folks....for this years vendors
at the country living fair in columbus...

next post i'll share my booth and some of what goes into it...

thanks for stopping by........



  1. Looks awesome!! I should definitely check it out as a patron, although I think I would spend a years worth of salary there!

  2. Thank you for taking the time to first take and then post these wonderful pictures.

  3. thanks for sharing - all such wonderful eye candy!

  4. Thanks for all of the great shots!!! You are the best! See you in Atlanta!

  5. Thanks for great photos.. I can never leave my booth it's so busy.... This is the only way I get to see the show!!!!! Beth from ARTIFACTS


we always appreciate your voice........

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