21 September 2012

my set up at the fair

 * * *

 you all know...
i went to the


 in columbus ohio
this past weekend

* * *

i have shown you in the two previous posts, 
what it's like to be a customer at the fair,

here's just a glimpse from the side of a vendor

i do a LOT of shows but this particular one is a huge show for me 

i collect items all year to sell at this show..

that said...my little bed truck was not going to cut it this year...

i went out a bought a cap for it, 

and a ladder rack !!!

think i could fill this ? ............um......no problem...

i have a wonderful son who helped load up my tents on the roof rack !!

scared me a bit to drive ....
i am not a brave driver...

kept having thoughts of my tents flying off !! 

but all went well...

  after i was all packed....i sent my helper this picture of the back seat...

see that space above the crate...

i told her that was all she had for luggage...haha...

really....that was all that was left....

this little truck was FULL !

i spend hours 
(even in my sleep)

planning my set up...
over and over and over 
in my head

suellyn and i worked HARD
to get it all set up in time...

i have to say i was very pleased with it !!

my jewelry racks are old lamps and lampshades !

hey...we recycle EVERYTHING !

this jewelry rack is the spring section 
of an antique crib !

of course i painted it pink

 (bad pic)
but this is one of the crib rails
and a curtain rod
that holds other necklaces

i sell a lot of different things at this fair

one of them was these vintage bank bag pillows

i sold a bunch of misc stuff
and silverplate cups/sugar bowls, etc
to use as candle holders

i had a bunch of little metal toolboxes,
and some great county store clip boards

some old rulers...
some typewriters...
some old paper signs...

then i did a Christmas section

all pink..natch !

my little typewriter stand i showed you a while back..

i painted it pink for this show..

(see the theme here)

i also brought vintage lingerie
(new with tags...awesome find !)

 cowboy boots..
also a big seller at country living

tons of silver plate !!

some i sell as is, 
but most i hand metal stamped
with inspirational sayings

i do try hard to make my booth interesting and fun to shop in !

i was busy like this ALL day each day

so i must have done something right !!

* * * 



the show is over and it's time to put whatever is left back into the truck

i did NOT want to have to put stuff on the roof...

so we pushed, and shoved, 

and mightily squished !!

and we got it (almost) all in

2 small empty tubs did not make the cut...

but my pal krystal took them for me...

we packed the back seat,
slammed the doors,
then opened the windows and 
finished loading from there..


it is amazing what we do .........
one of the craziest jobs around !!

* * *

i'm home now...

for a few days.......

then...guess what...

i'll be off to do it all again !!!

next weekend..


that's my final post for this year's
ohio country living fair..

and one last note..

this is my blogiversary !~!

3 years ago tonite i did my first blog post

and guess what it was about..


the country living fair !!

thanks for staying with me..................



Kim said...

Thank yo for sharing. I would love to have seen a shot of the booth post show. Good luck on the next one.

Sharon Ciraulo Wolf said...

Wonderful stuff, Jeanne - both your merchandise and your story!! Congratulations on the three years blogging! :-)

Teresa Jaye said...

WOW! Your set up and items for sale are completely amazing. Really beautifully done!
- so glad Vicki O'Dell spotlighted you!

Prior said...

so wonderful, I had to pin!

Jess said...

I was at the Country Living Fair and stopped by your booth. If I'd known you were a blogger I would've said hello. Your display was very eye catching (I'm ADD and it was eye candy). You did an excellent job! I thought about coming back and buying a typewriter button/key necklace. Have fun and good luck at the next show!

sunshyne_silverwear said...

Wow, love the creativity in your booth set-up. Mine is coming along more slowly than surely ;)

hopeandjoyhome said...

Fab! I am always surprised how much I can cram into my Dodge Caravan..I take all the backseats out and cram that baby to the gills! Looks like you had a great show..hope to make it to Atlanta's.

Burlap Luxe said...

Love the photos of your booth, it looks amazing.
I just ordered the latest Jeanne d' arc living magazine.
I will be so excited to receive it, and what a deal ordering from you.
I am going to spread the word, come visit and see what I inspire in my shop space.
Southern CA.

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