july jeanne d'arc living

* * *

dont you just wish you were here?

not a care in the world...

well .....find yourself a spot
and cosy up to the latest
addition of

jeanne d'arc living

a great backyard read

* * * 

available here

4 in a row

* * * 

where have i been ??

getting ready for 4..

count 'em

shows in a row !!
* * *


ellwood city 
arts crafts and food festival
june 29 - july 1
booth # 94 

* * *


twin lakes park

july 5-8

booth # 162 

greensburg, pa

* * *


pittsburgh, pa

* * *



north tonawanda, new york

july 21 - 22

booth # 413

* * * 

well there you have it...

where i've been is getting ready..

where i'll be is on the road...

if you are attending any
of these festivals, please
stop by and say hello !!


see ya in a month !!!

wish me luck !

hats n tats n this n that....again

 * * *

this past weekend 
we went to buffalo new york 
for the 
allen west arts festival

this is my second year at the festival 
and again it did not disappoint

the crowds at this show are unreal !!
the pic above is the crowd in front of my booth...
the pic below is the crowd that is coming !!

the thing i love the most about this festival
is the people watching 

the people of this town are so very colorful

there are more tats than i have ever seen in one place ~

hair dos that you dont see anywhere else

and amazing outfits and accessories

i think you can see why i title this post 
hats n tats n this n that

hats galore..it was a sunny day...but really....so many many hats !

tats from head to toe !!
and note...girls with tattooed feet 
all have really cool shoes   

 gotta love the variety !!

my booth stayed busy all day !!
just really..look at this crowd...

then heading home lake erie was calling me...

boo hoo..

but alas...i had to get home and get started
on inventory for the next show !

see you next year buffalo !
you certainly make me smile

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