she had me at hello

* * *

if you love

i have found 
more eye candy in 
one place
than you will be
able to stand !!

spending the weekend
blog hopping
has led me to discover
an amazing 
italian blog

 it's not all decor,
it seems to just 
be whatever
tickles her fancy  

there are some things
lost in the translation
(try to read the 'about' page)

but the photos
speak for themselves

if you are a pinner

you will
lose your mind

wanting to pin 

i dont know who runs it
and i'm not affiliated at all

she had me at hello !

just passing on
amazing find

* * *
cant be wrong !! 

since this post aired...this blog and facebook page have seemed
to disappear....i'm so sad, because i had just 
discovered them...and i love them !!
it's truly a mystery ??
if anyone has a clue...please let me know..thanks

jeanne d'arc living - winter brocante

* * *

jeanne d'arc living
available for 
pre sale 
on our  

lowest price on the web.............$14 free shipping !!

only 20 issues available
get 'em 
while their hot !

waiting . . .

* * *
what's on your mind this morning....
are you thinking or selling your house and moving to the beach ??
_ _ _ _ _ _ _
 are you thinking you should quit your job and explore other options?
_ _ _ _ _ _ _
perhaps you're deciding if you should get married ?
_ _ _ _ _ _ _
have another baby?
_ _ _ _ _ _ _
go to church today?
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ 
start that diet?
_ _ _ _ _ _ _
get off your buttooskie and actually exercise?
_ _ _ _ _ _ _
get off the computer and interact with 'real' people??
 _ _ _ _ _ _ _


you're welcome



* * *

one of the january goals/jobs
finalizing my show schedule
for the year

(yes, we do that now....
many deadlines for applications
are the end on january

so i'm just throwing it out there...

here's my travel area

if you know of any

street fair...

or just plain any fun shows

within my circle..

please send them my way...

i have a regular roster,
but i always like to try a couple
new ones each year !!

help me out here...


bubble jewelry !

* * *

happy new year to all !!!
this blog is about my trails and tribulations..
mostly about my travels...
but...cold, snow, winter..
not my traveling time..
 - - 
so i am going to take some time to show you what i do...
you know i travel to fleas 
and you know i sell at shows...
but do you know what i make ?
i am going to feature each of my designs
in the next few weeks
just so you know what it's all about 
one of my favorite items
we have
we'll use any word you desire
cut from vintage recycled dictionaries 
- - - 
we have
 clipped from vintage recycled
hymnals and children's music books
- - - 
 we have 
number bubbles

 also clipped from hymnals
i just love the old fonts !
- - -
and we even have 
  these also come from vintage dictionaries
 - - -
our bubbles are small
about the size of a dime
they are perfectly round
then come with a 24" ball chain time you need a gift..
think of a word that describes your friend
perhaps..a lucky number..
or even a 'finger spelling' letter..
how unique is that ???      

_ _ _
thanks for letting me share my designs with you 

gratitude all around

* * *

i have just finished up my 7th year as 

(pause for effect)

* * *

and i have to say that this year has surpassed 
all expectations ever !

it has been a ridiculously amazing year

i need to spread some gratitude around
to the people who help make this life possible
for me

* * *

i started the year heading to texas !!
longest ... trip ...  EVER

could never have made the drive 
without my pal


she also helped me survive 
the other country living fairs this year in
ohio and atlanta...

i could not have  done them with out her !!!!

* * *

a HUGE thank you to my other travel companions
and lucy of bel monili

having someone to help with the planning, 

be it show choosing,
travel arrangements,
display ideas...

any and all aspects of the 'show life'
is invaluable

not to mention the 'after show' fun we've had this
year cant be beat !!!

 * * *

i have to thank my 'other life' clients
without who's understanding this 
could never have happened !!
especially my friend Bill who has
gone above and beyond on the 
'understanding' front this year....

* * *

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