07 January 2013

bubble jewelry !

* * *

happy new year to all !!!
this blog is about my trails and tribulations..
mostly about my travels...
but...cold, snow, winter..
not my traveling time..
 - - 
so i am going to take some time to show you what i do...
you know i travel to fleas 
and you know i sell at shows...
but do you know what i make ?
i am going to feature each of my designs
in the next few weeks
just so you know what it's all about 
one of my favorite items
we have
we'll use any word you desire
cut from vintage recycled dictionaries 
- - - 
we have
 clipped from vintage recycled
hymnals and children's music books
- - - 
 we have 
number bubbles

 also clipped from hymnals
i just love the old fonts !
- - -
and we even have 
  these also come from vintage dictionaries
 - - -
our bubbles are small
about the size of a dime
they are perfectly round
then come with a 24" ball chain
so..next time you need a gift..
think of a word that describes your friend
perhaps..a lucky number..
or even a 'finger spelling' letter..
how unique is that ???      

_ _ _
thanks for letting me share my designs with you 


Chelsea Oliver said...

Great idea of sharing your products! I love these bubble necklaces you make! Good luck this year.


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