Dec 25

we all have a different story

some good
some sad

some blessed
some lonely

i wish for you

wherever you are
whatever you do

may you find at little sparkle of
 joy and peace

this holiday season


add 'er up

black friday
again over at the
and i have an entry this week
that has just been diing to be featured !

~i have a show this weekend, so busy busy busy...
pics arent the best,
but you get the gist...~

how cool is this??

i have been a bookkeeper/accountant/tax preparer
for most of my adult life.....

( i know..blah, blah, blah..
that's why i make jewelry)

so one of my collections..
is old adding machines

mind you..
most of them arent near this size !!

but when i saw this girl
 (and's a girl)
i just couldnt pass her up !

the stand folds...
wild huh???

it has wheels, but they lock in place

a fold up side....
(hard to see in pic..look close)

and a bell that i havent figured out yet how to make ding...

it's black...
and it's friday..
so i think it qualifies...

isnt it cool??

the snow is on the ground here...
and i'm off to do a great indie show...

so..have a great weekend..

and hop on over to the

and see what everyone else is up to

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