ssw-show review

show review

this past weekend
i vended at the
south side works
artist market

this show was set up and run by Carrie and Nina at

it was sponsered by

load is was great
the show started friday nite at 5pm

set up was allowed the evening before the show,
and again friday afternoon

tents had been set up prior by the city

the tents were grouped in a collection of 6
giving 4 people in each group a corner spot

great planning........we all love a corner......easier for display and flow

the weather held out for me
but i think some got caught in a downpour friday afternoon

friday night was a great crowd and i think most vendors did well
especially for the limited time

saturday brought HEAT !!
almost unbearable heat !

but loads of people!
they started showing up before noon
even though it didnt really start until 2

the crowd was amazing.
most shows i do, the sun/humidity
would have kept people away but not here.
they came out in droves !

there was much to do at this 'festival'
i personally didnt get to leave my booth,
but there were bands, music, and kid's activities
going on.

the artist market was fairly diverse.
they did a great job of jurying in a good mix/price range.

from what i heard, the best selling price point was around $20-30
but i know a few who sold higher end items
and a few who did not sell well at all.

there has been much discussion lately as to why/what sells and why/what does not
but we have really not come to any fool proof conclusions

i myself had a great show!
more than expected.

sunday again with the heat.....
but again they came out and bought..
sunday was a bit slower, but steady all day.

this is a great people watching show as you get a really wild crowd.
you see customers of all ethnicities, income levels, education etc.
piercings, tats, and fusia hair abound, combined
with fairly wealthy couples dressed to the nines out for dinner.....
(the vibe changes as evening comes and it gets a bit livelier..)

they were all fun, friendly, and happy as
pittsburghers usually are !

carrie and nina were around quite a few times
checking on things,
booth sitting if necessary,
and asking questions to make sure you were happy
and seeing if anything needed improved.

the tents provided by the city were great,
sides a bit heavy and high to have to put up by yourself,
but closed up tight for overnight.
(security was provided)

the streets were being swept constantly,
 food was available and GOOD,
alcohol was also available
(rare at a craft show...and always a plus)

the hours were 5-10, 2-10, and 12-5
but the music ran longer and we were allowed and advised
to open early and stay late.
those of us who did...made great extra money,
those who didnt lost out for sure.

i made it market does a good job of working for the artist.

they respect and appreciate the 'handmade' item and
NO buy/sell here at this show !

they tend to keep it rather local
a good thing...
many many customers asked if i was local...
looking to contribute to the local community!

perhaps next year, they will have a mileage limit
like some shows i know....
pushing the 'localness' was a good selling point !
(other shows in the area could take this tip)

load out was equally as easy..

i was at one end and pulled right out at close,
but as i drove past the upper end of the show on my way out,
i could see that everyone up there was still open and selling....

the section where the music was, was still going strong,
down at our end, we were done.......

not to fix that???
i liked my end, lots of people came in that way...
and left that way...helping sales i would say...
i have never vended up by the music/food/fountain
would love to hear from vendors up that end.....
may have to switch it up next year.......


all in all a completely fabulous show.

as i always say..
you have to have
the right product,
the right time,
the right price,
the right customer...
etc, etc, etc,

it all has to line up to make that sale...
if you didnt sell at this show, you couldnt blame the venue.......

they did their part by FAR !!

(you need to change your style/price/attitude or try a different venue...this just wasnt your market)

personally this WAS my market,
and i will do this show every year they have it !!!
here's hoping they get to do a holiday show in this area !!

the only complaint was the weather....
and it didnt stop them from coming out....

i didnt take good pictures
but there is a flikr group
so you can check it out here:

this pics in this post were taken by
Kassondra Amada - an amazing artist...
who's work can be seen here:

thanks to everyone involved...........
organizers, sponsors, artists, customers, workers.......
just everyone !
color us
and look for us next year


south side works exposed

this weekend i am participating in the artist's market
south side works exposed
Friday, July 16 : 5 – 10 pm
Saturday, July 17 : 2 – 10 pm (but most of us open at 12)
Sunday, July 18 : 12 – 5 pm

it is an awesome street festival
with music/art/crafts/and
loads of kids stuff

come on down if you're in the area
the people watching alone is worth the trip !!
i dont do any other show with such a diverse group of customers


you can find a list of artists here:


stop by and say hello


silver sunday and showin' my age

do you  know what made this??

then you are showing your age too.......

check out this baby........

this is a vintage
for those who didnt know..

back in the day...
(gees...i'm showing my age just with that statement alone !)
...when you wrote a check....
you could stamp the amount with this machine
for a more professional look to your checks....
 can you youngsters even imagine having one of these monstrosities on your desk??

crazy how times have changes.......
most of these are long long gone,
but i collect just about anything with numbers
so this sits in my office now....defunct...but fun to look at
and remember how it used to be.....

we've come a long way baby.......


i'm hooking up with gypsy fish journal
this week for
Silver Sundy

so hop on over and check it out


ellwood city festival


show review:
this past weekend
i vended at the
ellwood city art/crafts/food fesitcal
in none other than
ellwood city, pa

this is my second year here
and i was pleased with the outcome again

you get a spot and 1/2 for a reasonable price

no crowding of booths
which is so very nice....

the weather was beautiful.
the first day it was actually a little cool in the morning...

 it did get a bit warm
(ha...90 degrees and humid)
on sunday

being a sun lover,
it was fine with me
but it always hinders sales
when it's that hot

people do NOT want to carry
anything !
lucky for me...
jewelry..they just put on or toss it in thier purse,
so it doesnt hurt me much.....


the discussion has been a bit different this year.
no one can seem to get a grip on how shows are going to be.

i did well at this show, but many others complained.
some didnt even make their booth money back...
that's bad!
some did extremely well !!
so go figure !
no one seems to know anymore
what the difference is between those who
do well and those who dont..

like we always say...
you have to have...
the right product....
at the right time....
at the right price...
with the right person....
at the right place.......

everything has to line up for you to make that sale !
sometimes it amazes me that i sell at all !!

this show is an easy load in,
they have teenagers who work for tips
to help you unload.
(none were around when i was unloaing,
but i brought Krystal
so we were fine)


this show brings out the whole town
over 3 days
ending with a zambelli fireworks display on sunday


the people are nice and friendly
although, i personally didnt see any staff the whole weekend.

i stayed over sunday and packed up monday morning
so i could just take my time

lots of people did the same,
on monday, they let you bring your vehicles actually into the park,
right up to your spot,
so that's a big plus !

i was by myself for load up
and was fine til the temp started rising

whoowhee....everyone around included
were soaked by the time we finished !
think i sweated off a couple pounds !


all in all a good show by my standards....
they need to improve the bathroom situation for sure.....
not nearly enought portas...and they seemed to be out of
order way too much.

and as usual..too much buy/sell..
dont understand why NO ONE enforces
their own rules....

but i will definately be back
and i will still recommend this show to folks -
both buyers and sellers!

shout out to my 'frame girls' marcy and suellyn..
so great to see you !
and shari, my bathroom buddy...what would i do without you ! carrie

next show......  south side works exposed two weeks..
i better get to work
makin' the jewelry, makin' the jewelry, makin' the jewelry..


i'm joining the
vintage black friday
blog party
this week
over at the

try not to look at the mess behind/beside/around
this lovely black piece i am going to show you

this great little table,
which we use at our front door is actually

wait for it.....

sewing machine !


cute little drawer on the side
never saw one quite like this before

the other side has a little button that you push

and voila
it pops up a section of the wood and reveals
the machine !

it's an old singer
and i've actually never even tried it to
see if it works...

probably does !
those old workhorses last forever

i just think it's a great table...
and serves a purpose in our home...
we toss our keys and mail on it
purchased for $3....yes $3 at a house sale.......
not too shabby !


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