camping out

just a note to say our studio and office
will be closed for the next week
as we are heading to
asseteague island (near ocean city)
to camp out on the beach !!
whoo hoo...cant wait !

we will be going to the
annual 'pony swim'
i cant wait to take a bagillion pictures !

orders from the site will ship
the first week of september

ta ta !

no more training wheels !

"please let me take the training wheels off..."

"i'm gonna fall"

"no you're not"

"ive got you...I wont let you fall"

"grandma gives it a shot"

"krystal gives it a shot"

oops...down krystal goes..
however, ava stayed up and ran right over
krystals leg...ouch

but at the end of the day...


* * * * *

also..every spring...
a nest turns up in this same spot....
in our backyard

no 4 wheelin' til they leave..

* * * *

south side works this weekend..

stop on by and see us..

another great weekend

finally had a weekend at home
so here's a few pics from my escapes

and headed out to an
old fashioned country auction

 i need this sign...but more about that another time..

 i wanted their garden too.....ah..someday...

i ended up taking home the tan wicker buggy..

you'll see it later in my garden full of flowers...


sunday got up and headed to
hannastown antique fair

the weather was great...for a change..
and it was packed !

here's my granddaughter...sitting on the swing i bought !!!

gonna put that in the garden too !!

sometimes the people are as interesting as the antiques

really wanted this, but out of my price range


after the fair..
we headed to our annual
family reunion
at keystone park
(you remember that from they 'yurt' adventure)

always fun

getting ready for south side works

this weekend..

if you're in the area
stop by and say hello

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