I did it ...
I'd been contemplating it for a while ...
I had to gather up the nerve ...
it took me 6 months to really be ready ...
I cut my hair !
 most of you will think I'm nuts ..
(well, and of course I am !)

but my hair is was my 'thing' ...
but ...
I let it go...
time to move on & lighten the load ...

that's it ..
my news for the month !

happy holidays,


* * *

are you CLEVER ?
well, indeed ... you are

(along with our bestie, bel monili)
is hostessing our first event !!
we are
of or in an energy state higher than the normal or ground state
to say the least

we have included a fabulous group
of artists and vintage vendors to share
their wares with our friend and yours !

so please, if you are in the Pittsburgh area,
tell your friends !
there is a facebook event page
click here 
there is a website
click here

a list of the artists

we'd love to have you come &

talk a little,
sip a little,
shop a little
and have an all out fun time !

 we sure hope to see you there !
(oh ! and did I mention,
it  benefits the NOCC
National Ovarian Cancer Coalition
Pittsburgh Chapter)

A Day in the Country

this past weekend I headed to Randolph Ohio with my friends
Lucy of bel monili
Denise  of Pittsburgh Wicks
to hang our with our friend Bessie or Besserina
who was co-hosting her first event !
 and what an event it turned out to be !!

the vendor group they complied was  a-mazing

 the decor ~ perfection !

 and although
 the weather was a little iffy of Saturday,
those buyers came out anyway !

there was so much to see and do, the vendors went
above and beyond with the goodies they brought !


the booth displays were creative and awesome to look at !

2123 home

the 'feel' of the show was totally
"a day in the country"


 sunday, the sun came out 
and wow ... even more lovely customers arrived !

the music Saturday was just right
for the mood
the stumpy basin volunteers
there were unbelievable food trucks and booths
(of which I got no pics, but yes, I did partake !)

yep , that's me in my set up attire....

Matt Marinchick
I am 
that my friend Bessie invited me to be a part of this show !
I already can't wait until next year to do it all again !

* * *

and don't forget, 
if you are Pittsburgh local,
Lucy and I are hostessing our inagural show
in just a couple week !
yikes ! it will be here before we know it !

additional info can be found at

Counntry Living Columbus 2014

* * *
Country Living Columbus
our favorite show of the year
there are 3 separate lines to get in ... here are the 2 near me
( totally worth it .. ask any on those girls )
my booth ... all set up and ready to roll,
perfect weather !
as works best on my blog, I'm just going to toss out
some of the things I saw.
remember, sometimes my pics are taking during set up
so you may see some vehicles, that would be gone by show time !

 aprons made from all sorts of things... loved these

tres cool bed springs from stash style
they always bring it !

junky jo .................. what great stuff !!

2 of my favorite people jen & jarrod from JBS merchantile

check out collage necklaces and handkerchief bags from bel monili

I love what the customers bring to the fair.
the outfits are amazing,
and the decorated carts are always so great !!
(we have a cart parking lot on the side of our space !)

this is me and Beverly .. the winner of our early bird weekend pass tickets !!
whoo hoo !

a couple of crowd shots so you can see what it's like 

here's my booth in the middle of the day !
we LOVE our customers !

Lucy & I with our pal Gina from Home Girl
so happy she made it back to the show this year !!

well, until next year !!
we're exhausted,
we came home .... unloaded the truck
loaded back up and headed to the beach for a week,
can't beat that right ?

but now I'm back on home turf
and have 5 shows in a row...

Clarion Autumn Leaf Festival
Delmont Apple Festival
Fort Ligonier Days
A Day in the Country
Laugh Loudly, Shop Wildly, & Eat Dessert First

so ................ hope you enjoyed the trip.

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