7 days - 7 states - 700 pictures - day 3 extension

* * *
i totally forgot that
we hit a another state on day 3 after set up at the show...

so this is just a short post 
before i hit the show pics

* * * 

if you follow me,
you know i travel 
mostly with my best bud
lucy of bel monili

this year we've been setting  up together as one huge booth

 what do you think ??
we have 4 spots, and use 3 tents with room to spare...

like my new business card holder ?

* * * 

so after set up 
we headed to our hotel...
which again crossed state lines !!
(state no # 5)
remember so far, 

so of course we needed another state - it's on to NH

* * *

our hotel was  in seabrook, New Hampshire
and then for the evening we went up to 

an awesome little town

we had dinner on the river..
beautiful night...
perfect weather ~ full moon

walking through town ..
lots of great shops....

saw these in the window ... kind of a joke for me ... 
you know i buy these at the flea for WAY less money than that 

i have no words.... cant imagine anyone who would pay that !! 


we found another little shop along the way

it has this map cabinet like i've never seen before
i fell in love with it 


they also had these way cool vintage maps on the wall
with push pins to mark where you are from

totally fascinated me

this town is definitely on the list for next year's trip
as we need to go during the day and check 
out a lot of great places we saw, 
but didnt have time to explore

next post - show time

7 days - 7 states - 700 pictures - day 3

* * *

day 3...........
more touristy stuff

it's friday..and we need to get to the show...
set up day...

 spent the morning doing the walking tour of salem

 great old houses .. they've been there for EVER !

the houses all have these little plaques telling you who they were built for...so cool

and we couldnt resist a little trash pickin ' haha..

but gees...look at those adorable corbals they were just tossing out...
yeah...we picked them !

on to the 'house of 7 gables'

i took lots of water and garden pics, but apparently didnt take any of the house ...haha

we did do the tour though..interesting..

no meaning ...i just like wording on signs.. 

on the road again........

 gotta love that in the gps.... all water !!

always on the lookout for antique ~ junk shops

we stopped for lunch in essex........and regretted that we were running out of time.

if you are antiquing ..this IS the place to go..
but alas, we had to get set up for the show
(that was our reason for the trip after all)

we decided to choose just one ...
and this was it !
(and excellent choice !)

this place is LOADED with goodies 

look at the detail of that old grate !

 that's it for day 3.....
we sure pack it in dont we....??

tomorrow.......show pics

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