jeanne d'arc living Christmas at Last

* * *

i have been working tirelessly to update my website

(insert heavy sigh here)

one of these days i may let go of my control issues
& allow someone else to take a shot at it

but for now...
it's all me

so if you are visiting the site
please no judgement
please please bear with me

i'm juggling as fast as i can


 * * *

i'm working on getting ready for upcoming shows


clever indeed
handmade holiday
trunk show

with my friend lucy
from bel monili

in downtown pittsburgh !!

whew !!

is that enough ???

* * *

well..all that said..

the latest issue is here
and ready to ship !

so sorry..we are sold out..
so check us next month !

i do believe we are still the lowest price on the net
drop by and pick one up !

* * *

that's it for now...

happy turkey day...


country living south - part trois

* * *

so after all the eye candy
design ideas

here's some shots of my booth
for those who did not make it to the show

i only had a single booth at this show,
but you because the park is so awesome...
and there is only so much level ground,
you get lots of extra space besides your 10' x 10'..
you can make it look much larger  - you just need to be creative ! 

views from my spot...

new item for me this year
silverware bells...pretty much gone the first day

* * *

another great thing about traveling to shows is hanging out with friends...

this year for the atlanta show,

i brought along my good friends

lucy from bel monili
krystal from green bubble gorgeous, and her cousin/friend/helper britney
and the ever faithful suellyn, my friend and helper.

we also get to see 'show friends' and 
meet 'internet friends'

- - -

i posted this pic after country living ohio:

and i got teased that it looked like cardboard cutouts..
(cari and haas from hgtv cash and cari show) 


when i told haas that, he insisted on this pic so there would be no doubt !

well...he is the muscle after all !

not to name drop,
but we really are friends with cari cucksey and her crew

we all went out to dinner friday night...
and had a blast !

krystal, brit, moi, suellyn
haas and sydnee

cari and vince

cari, brit, moi, lucy, haas
 brit and haas 
(yes maturity was running rampant
and perhaps so was the alcohol)

suelly, me, brit

cari, lucy

cari NOT posing.......

connie, lucy
got to meet connie,
lucy's friend from college..
local atlantain...

great girl..
a laugh a minute !

random couple who just kept ending up in our pictures. !

me & cari at the end of the night...can you say tired?

* * *

then onto saturday.....

i got to meet the 
'highly acclaimed, ever loved'
heather from

she's a blogger i met on line...
and we've been internet friends for quite a while now, 
but had never met in person !

kindred spirits to say the least !

* * *

 then onto dinner with the folks from FOLK magazine
-ben, heath and the lovely hillary-

(the BEST up and coming read around !
check out their blog and get your subscription here)

heather, me, hillary, heath, ben, suelly, connies husband...connie, lucy, krystal, brit

a serious good time was had by all


 heather lucy and i felt like we'd known each other for years...

i guess we're going to have to take another trip to atlanta..
or she may have to meet us halfway !!

* * *
 isnt it funny, when you meet your friend's friends...and like them right away...

* * *

i have one more 'travel' post from this excursion

will hit that over the weekend

hope you've enjoyed the trip so far...

- - -

country living south - part deux

* * *
more delights for you viewing pleasure

red door antiques...this girl has the most flash cards you will ever see in one place !!!

cari cucksey giving her presentaion

so happy to be able to call her my friend !

always gotta love the bootage !

i love this booth design..
anything that hides the fact that its 
an ez up tent is a plus..

and this girl does it fabulously !
 this booth belongs to my best pal lucy aka bel monili...the second side of the trifecta ! 
 love the signage  
and this awesome booth belongs to the third side of the trifecta...
krystal of Green Bubble Gorgeous

me and my buddy haas from cash and cari
in response to all who thought my picture of 
me, cari and haas was a cardboard cut-out..
haas said...believe this one folks !

that's it for my country  living 'show' pics for this year

the designs are amazing, the show if unbelievable, 
if you've never really should.

i want to send out a big big thank you
to all the wonderful customers who help me break all my
country living show records this year !

and as always to country living
and mostly to 
stellashows girls and guys
who truley work harder than anyone i know
to make this a wonderful experience to all ~

i already have ideas brewing for next year...
just you wait !!

* * *

one more post to follow 

trip pics and party pics...

stay tuned !

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