19 November 2012

jeanne d'arc living Christmas at Last

* * *

i have been working tirelessly to update my website

(insert heavy sigh here)

one of these days i may let go of my control issues
& allow someone else to take a shot at it

but for now...
it's all me

so if you are visiting the site
please no judgement
please please bear with me

i'm juggling as fast as i can


 * * *

i'm working on getting ready for upcoming shows





clever indeed
handmade holiday
trunk show

with my friend lucy
from bel monili



in downtown pittsburgh !!

whew !!

is that enough ???

* * *

well..all that said..

the latest issue is here
and ready to ship !


so sorry..we are sold out..
so check us next month !

i do believe we are still the lowest price on the net
drop by and pick one up !

* * *

that's it for now...

happy turkey day...



Chelsea Oliver said...

Yay for Pittsburgh! I was going to try to get to a couple of those events so maybe I'll see you there!


sunshyne_silverwear said...

I took a look at your web site the other day, not bad!
I use big cartel. It's mostly small, indie businesses and it is SO EASY to customize. I did mine all myself too. The only downside is that it costs $20 a month to host, but in my opinion well worth all the bomb features you get and great customer service. I hear Weebly is good too. (and free!)
Looks like you got a lot going on in the weeks to come. Hope you sell lots and have some time to enjoy the season ;)

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