shiny shiny silver

i love silver !!
most of my items i sell are comprised of silver !!
and most of my displays are silver....
my designs are all made from
recycled goods
so naturally
my displays have to also
be made of recycled materials
i use paint cans and lamp shades !!
old lamp bases
and a rockin' lazy susan
silver typewriter keys
old dictionaries
old sheet music !

there is nothing like the shine of
the silver on my displays
on a beautiful day !!
ive always been a sucker for silver !

if you are too,
hop on over to gypsy fish journal
for tons of silver sunday links

magazine additction

i also have a magazine addiction.

way too many mags and

no time to read them.

i tend to store them up and

then spend a whole day reading them !!

looks like it's time for one of those days !!

silver hoarder ???

my name is jeanne
and i may just be a hoarder

not really,
but i do stash a lot
of stuff
i dont know what it is,
but there are certain things
that i collect,
and when i see them,
i just cant pass them by
even if i have boxes full
at home,
i still have this need
to buy more
perhaps i am
a hoarder

i have been watching
the show (hoarders)

and although my house does NOT look like those

my storage room
i spent 4 days cleaning/sorting/purging
i discovered
that i have enough silverware
to make jewelry
for quite a while.

this is my entry for silver sunday
this week
others have shown beautiful
but being a 'junker'
this is what i do with mine.

(although i do think i can take it off my shopping list
....... for now)

country living times two !!!

country living is having 2..
count 'em 2
shows this year
yee haw !!!

we got an email from stella shows
that country living magazine
is hosting two shows this year.
if you remember,
this show is what prompted me
to finally start my blog.
the awesomeness blew me away.
you can read it here if you missed it.
here are the details:
Ohio Village, Columbus OH: September 24, 25 & 26, 2010
Stone Mountain Park, Atlanta, GA: October 22, 23 & 24, 2010
mark your calendars !

box full of silver !!

it looks like it's a good thing
i joined up for silver sunday
or i would not have posted at all this week !!

i went thru my stash
on a hunt for something to show you this week

how's that for a nice load ??

last year i picked up this boxfull at a show

have not figured out what i'm gonna do with it

any suggestions ?????

i think i paid about $5 for the whole lot
good deal huh???

the patina is amazing.
as long as you're not looking for shiny

i love buying box lots of junk
i never really know what i'm going to do with them
but i know it will be
fabulous !!

silver sunday

i have joined the silver sunday
blog party

for this week,
i opted out of the glittery items
decided to just go around my house
and snap pics of some
of the diverse shades of silver
in my many crazy collections
i collect old toys
plenty of old keys.......

isnt this cool...its an old
match case
this is a charge card
how many of you remember these???
i also love old office supplies

and old silver hardware on luggage
gets me everytime

this piece, i found in my grandfather's house
too cool
it's actually a bottle opener
for those who dont know

silver hardware again
(on an old corset)
add just the right touch

my pap's watch

one of a set of coasters
arent they awesome !

silver bling
always works

silver blades from long ago skates
silver ski poles

and little silver touches just make anything old ...well...better !

i collect old oil cans...but only really small ones

and i LOVE flower frogs

so..this is my stash of silver
hop on over to gypsy fish
and check out the list of other participants to see more

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