craft show finds

last post was about the craft show i vended at in new york

while it was a bust for me...
i did find three new (to me) artists who's stuff i fell in love with



this is a mother-daughter team

daughter is the designer,
mother is the seamstress

all their items are handmade,
using recycled materials !

right up my alley....

i wanted the plaid skirt above,
but never got over to get it,
(but i hear they will be at the same show
as me this i may be in luck !)

too cute...arent they???


beautiful mosaic pieces
made with all recycled dishes

arent these awesome ?

i love this piece !!

and it turns out she lives about 15 minutes from me !!

isnt it have to go to new york
to meet someone who's from your own back yard !

love her work !!!


these artists are a couple from new york

they take lots of old silverware

they mix it with pot pieces

they add lids from salt shakers...

they mix anything metal they find to create these totally
awesome garden decorations !!

eveything is one of a kind

just my style !!

there you go......
the highlight of my weekend....
discovering great artists !!


  1. Neat stuff...especially, the garden art!

  2. love the one of kind stuff!
    those bags are so cute.

  3. Great stuff. I love the pieces made from old silverware!!
    Have a wonderful weekend.

  4. I love mosaicmitzy's art. Were the teacups whole or broken? I thought they'd be too large if whole but how did she break them without destroying them? A delightful post,indeed. Thank you.

  5. those metal flowers are amazing! i want i want!


we always appreciate your voice........

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