07 April 2011

true trails or was it trials.......

just recouping from our excursion up north

i was so excited about our 'spring' trip..
it started out just fine..

we decided to head out the 'long' way
and do some antiqueing along the way

hit a few stops, but didnt really find anything to buy

disapointed, but interesting just the same

unfortunately..it didnt take too long to lose
our 'spring'

it suddenly turned into a winter wonderland

blah blah blah

not what i bargained for...


well..we made good time anyway and hit the show
venue in time to go ahead and set up.

got that done, and had a wonderful dinner right across the street.

italian..yum !


headed over to the hotel for a good night's rest
before the show started...



4:00 AM

unexpected wake up call


fire alarms going off...
the smell of fire....

pounding on the door....
yelling, yelling...

"evacuate the hotel"

a few fire trucks, too many ems to count....
and way too many people standing outside in the snow...

and me in cool vintage jammies

 (i smartly grabbed my truck keys..so we at least stayed warm)

turned out to be a ballast in a heater..
sent smoke everywhere
and automatically calls fire department..
sets off alarms....etc


happy to know that if it had been a real fire,
the hotel got everyone out,
and the fire department arrived timely,

but......no aplogies, no discount, no mention
the next day from the hotel...

hmmmm...not the way i would run a business....


oh well....woke us up though...
couldnt fall back asleep...
so stayed tired most of the day.


the show turned out to be a terrible bust for me

nice country show, but way too country for me

none of my 'peeps' were there buying..that's for sure !


the promoter were great,
they even had a dinner saturday night,
free food, wine and beer...

they certainly brought in a crowd

just not 'my' crowd

needless to say..
i wont be back...

oh well..
you win some,
you lose some...

didnt even break even..
will have to work harder on the next one !


(got to see my friends laura and tony of

that's always good !)


oh yeah...and it poured down rain the whole way home !


other than laura,
there were 3 booths that I really liked..

will show you tomorrow..
some great stuff !!!


thanks for dropping by


Jill said...

I'm sorry to hear all this, especially the show being a bust. When you say "country", do you mean decor like 1980s and rafia?!

Gracefully Vintage said...

What a memorable trip..Great Shops.. those are the fun exciting trips you'll remember forever and laugh about
New Followr Ill-be back.

The Whistle Stop said...

Oh... sorry, to hear it wasn't the best of weekends. Our last show was a bust too... didn't even make expenses and we were close to home!...didn't even have hotel expense. I hope it's not the sign of what's to come this year. I am anxious to see the pictures of the booths you liked. Thanks again for my darling, little shoes! Hope to get my "pay it forward" in the mail soon. I'm always a day late & a dollar short!
Glad you made it home safe at least!
Laurie :)

Kelley - a very JunqueyGal! said...

Well, it certainly wasn't the CL show review!! And fire alarms, bad p/r at hotel, snow storm...yikes! (My sis lives in Rochester - I swear it snows in June there!)

Better luck next time - your stuff is unique and a hit, probably just too edgey for the country crowd!

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