31 March 2011

roadtrip !

loading up for our first
roadtrip of the year !!

heading up north to
hamburg new york

we are vending at
at the
agri center in hamburg
near buffalo

this is my first time with
these promoters,
but i've heard great things about them
so i'm looking foward to it

normally i dont do indoor shows,
i much prefer pulling my truck up to
my spot and unloading...

so not into the dollying deal,
but...giving it a shot..

i figured it would be a great excuse
for a roadtrip..
take one route up and a
different one back

stop in small towns

look for antique shops

brush the snow off the truck

oh wait...that wasnt supposed to be part
of the deal....
how did that happen???

oh well...we got what we got...
no springtime weather here....
but really SNOW ????

but off we go....

will keep you posted


Jill said...

Sounds like fun!

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