25 March 2011

still working on the sort....
more of my favs that are coming with me on the move

1) old scale..just love the color on the dial

2) sheep picture in an old old flea market frame//leather !

3)cutest little rocker - flea find
bought it to go with......

4) my paps rocker...love it !

5) old tambourine !
flea find..just love the coloring

and lastly...i will be taking my collection of
jeanne d'arc living magazines..

latest one up for preorder in the shop

here's a tease:

order now for shipment by the end of the month

and an update on the house...
going s l o w

here's a pic from this week

will it ever end???


The Whistle Stop said...

Thank you for the darling baby shoes! They are just so sweet.
I will do a post about them soon. I haven't sent mine yet... but, look forward to a surprise soon.

Kym said...

Love your blog, you have some really cool junkin finds!!

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