the clouds are rollng in

was looking around for something to use for
white wednesday this week

and since they are in my way...i'm using these lovely white clouds that are surrounding me.

they are messing with the sunshine part of my staycation big time !

so i decided to take a hike early this morning.

ah...some queen annes lace just for kathleen

oh..just look at those fluffy white clouds rolling in

lots and lots of great trails here

hard to tell, but i kept running into deer hanging out on the paths....
too cool, but too fast for me..

clouds clouds go away
come again another day

it's very pretty here...
i'm just sayin'

not much chance of getting lost, they mark the paths pretty good, but.....

i had to try out my new compass ap just for fun !

just love my new toy !!!

how about this???
cant imagine it's not this must all be one night's work

(click on the pic to see what i mean)

busy little spiders while we sleep !

best seat in the house

well...looks like the sun may decide to show it's i'm outta here.........

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faded charm blogspot
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white wednesday


home away from home - studio away from studio

here is my home/studio for the week

awesome huh?

here is my workstaion

here is my view from my workstaion

tough life....what'd you think??


i did bring a lot of work with me for this week,
what with County Living Fairs coming up.

I couldnt come if I didnt bring work with me........
i dont think i ever stop.

(except during my real vaca in a couple weeks...
that's why i need to finish NOW !)

the leaves are already changing and starting to fall here

dont particularly like that.

I was looking for some sunshine this week

not so much,

took a hike

i could LIVE here - no problem


some of what i worked on today


view from my sleeping  magazine reading quarters

i did bring some , a few, ahem...a lot....havent had time to catch up on my magazine addiciton

and that's it for tonight..
hoping for some sunshine before the week is out...


one last thank you to my way too cool new phone
which made this post possible

gotta love the droid


ox, jeanne

serenity.... solitude....sunshine...staycation

a person needs a place

to unfold their truths

and extract the humor*

i am spending this week in such a place


most some of you will think i have completely lost my mind now

while others will envy me


i am spending the week in a yurt **
(**a mongolian style tent-
not quite this cool but you get the idea)

at our local state park - keystone lake




by myself

** myself

*(the pondering awesome artist i found...check it out here)


ox, jeanne

why i love a flea market

i always love a flea market..
big, small, near, far...

my truck brakes for just about
any flea market, anywhere, anytime

walking up to the site,
my heart starts to race,
the anticipation is such a rush !

what am i looking for???

a good read and a small fraction of the price

old furniture

anything that can be used for display in my booth

this great shelf unit folds flat and will fit in the bed of my truck

score !

things i can repurpose

these were part of a system for recording money owed
in an old store

they will be reused as a sort of bulliten board

**, usefullness..double cool
antique...triple cool

i always find great old cotton flags for resale -
this one is immaculate !

old babies for resale

not sure what i will do with this cloche---
isnt that what it's called???

 all the blog girls rave about them !

here's an example of something i was not looking for,
but just love !!

old..very old little bowling pins....

they will look so cool on a window sill in the new abode !
10 wood and 10 colors

i always pick up silverware and silver goodies

adorable vintage typewriter
which i have already resold !

an old metal ruler which i will no doubt cut up for jewelry

another cute little typewriter for resale
my fav color.......

all this great stuff i got last weekend at the flea....



this time i got the best bargain ever !!


i was not looking..but...

i came home with 7 boxes of vinyl plank wood look flooring
the good stuff...commercial grade

really looks like wood.but nicer on the feet

i plan to use it for the bathroom and bedroom
in the new house !

i came home. looked it up on the net.....

karndean - van gogh
cheapest price on sale $145.00 per box !

i paid..........wait for it.......

$30 for all 7 boxes !!!!
whooo hooo !!
whippeeee !!

7 boxes @ $145. = $1,015...
my price....$30....

maybe that's why i love a flea market !!


linking to lemoncholys

hop on over and enjoy !


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