12 August 2010

why i love a flea market

i always love a flea market..
big, small, near, far...

my truck brakes for just about
any flea market, anywhere, anytime

walking up to the site,
my heart starts to race,
the anticipation is such a rush !

what am i looking for???

a good read and a small fraction of the price

old furniture

anything that can be used for display in my booth

this great shelf unit folds flat and will fit in the bed of my truck

score !

things i can repurpose

these were part of a system for recording money owed
in an old store

they will be reused as a sort of bulliten board

numbers..cool, usefullness..double cool
antique...triple cool

i always find great old cotton flags for resale -
this one is immaculate !

old babies for resale

not sure what i will do with this cloche---
isnt that what it's called???

 all the blog girls rave about them !

here's an example of something i was not looking for,
but just love !!

old..very old little bowling pins....

they will look so cool on a window sill in the new abode !
10 wood and 10 colors

i always pick up silverware and silver goodies

adorable vintage typewriter
which i have already resold !

an old metal ruler which i will no doubt cut up for jewelry

another cute little typewriter for resale
my fav color.......

all this great stuff i got last weekend at the flea....



this time i got the best bargain ever !!


i was not looking..but...

i came home with 7 boxes of vinyl plank wood look flooring
the good stuff...commercial grade

really looks like wood.but nicer on the feet

i plan to use it for the bathroom and bedroom
in the new house !

i came home. looked it up on the net.....

karndean - van gogh
cheapest price on sale $145.00 per box !

i paid..........wait for it.......

$30 for all 7 boxes !!!!
whooo hooo !!
whippeeee !!

7 boxes @ $145. = $1,015...
my price....$30....

maybe that's why i love a flea market !!


linking to lemoncholys

hop on over and enjoy !



kecia said...

wow, you did great! love, love, love the dollies - must have a few of those! the pink typewriter is so fun and also the money drawer is fab. love the idea for it's use as a bulletin board - very creative!

thanks for playing!


Diana P. said...

OMG love the dollies but that typewriter is my favorite color! I would have grabbed that up too!

Sylvia said...

You so scored on your finds...love those old vintage spoons...


Gina at Vintage Junk in My Trunk said...

You got some great stuff -- and what a deal on that flooring!

Heather ~Pretty Petals said...

You got some great finds at the flea... but the floor really really tops it! great deal!!

Diann @ the Thrifty Groove said...

What an awesome haul you got! Everything is great. Way to go!

That Girl Ang said...

Great stuff... I see something I NEED...LOL It's in you silver stach.... the pot with fancy legs...LOL

Stephani said...

Great stuff! I just starting collecting for my own booth in our little Village and I am so excited to hop on the Fleamarket Friday Fun! Those bowling pins are very cool!

Kerri said...

what do you do with the typewriters? do you use them, or do you take them apart and use them for other things?

i LOVE estate sales for the same reason. never know what i will find.

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