Country Living Fair Columbus

* * *

looky looky looky

looky what I have to giveaway !
yep , that would be 2, count 'em 2
($80 value)

* * *
Just in case you've never been to a Country Living Magazine Fair
it is our favorite show of the year,
not just a craft show,
not just an antique show,
not just an art show,
not just a gift show,
not just entertainment,
not just celebrities
but all of these things and MORE !

all rolled into one fabulous event

It took me so long to recoup from last year's event that I never got around to doing my 
blog post here goes .... it will give you a taste of the flavor of a
Country Living Magazine event !

This is my booth on the corner in the Artist's Market field
you will be able to find me by my signature pink ruffles.
(next to me is my bestie bel monili.. you will have to check her out too)

the line to get in is INSANE !!
so these early bird tickets will help you a LOT !

and really, the goods !! the goods are amazing to say the least...
presentation is everything at a Country Living Fair !

the eye candy is just everywhere you turn !

 bring a cart .. you will need it ...otherwise .. many many trips back to the car ! 

did I mention ... bath and body products !!
this is my friend Krystal's booth 

to follow along on all the posts concerning the
Country Living Fair
just search #clfair on all social media !

that's it for Columbus last year, but you can check out even more if you like,
just look above and click on the Country Living Fair tab at the top of the page
to see previous shows

NOW for the best part...
how to win those prime tickets...

I'm running a rafflecopter, 

the only requirement is that you like us on facebook,
there are other options you can also do to have more chances, 
but they are not required...

have fun ..
and hope to 
see you at the fair !

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