a glimpse of the farmette

* * *

we joke 
when we call it 
the 'farmette'..

its really an emphasis
on the 'ette'

meaning it's small

and not really a farm at all

but for a city girl like me
it is 
a LOT 
of property
regardless..here's a glimpse
* * *

we say
i have a meadow

and i do have a vineyard

and some animals
(and a couple of REAL groundhogs...
i'd sell cheap..heck i'd give them away.
please....no really,
you can have them..)

and a chicken coop
(with no chickens)

but mostly so far
it's just a big hillside
with lots of weeds

but it works for me..
i 'see' the potential
* * *
there's a foundation on the property
at least 120 years old
pretty cool

somebody told me what this plant is...
but cant remember

if you know...clue me in..
i think he said you can make soup from it???

theres an old stone wall that surrounds my house on 2 sides
very cool.
also dates back over 100 years !

walkway up the vineyard

it may not be much yet,
but i love it..
it's what i see from my desk 
and from my worktable in the studio..
cant beat that !!

and i dont have to go to the park
for my daily walk..

i walk this twice and i'm good to go...
anyway......it's a glimpse
what do you think?

( if you are not familiar with how and why i purchased this property
you can read the story here . )

gettin' my flea on - again

* * *

memorial weekend is
always a great buying trip for us
first leg is
rogers flea in ohio

this is a sign i always like to see..haha

this was one of those 'what is it ?' items

turns out to be a very old movie projector

gotta love a load like this one !

and we always do ribs for lunch at rogers

this guy has the BEST

wish this was mine...........

we move on to salem ohio..
and hit the antique stores there...

then arrive in alliance for overnite.
i hang by the pool for a little while at our hotel..
gotta cool down the heat was insane !

there's an auction down the road
(every friday nite there)
we checked that out..
then dinner and a movie.
right connected to our hotel
(movie there is $2.75..cant beat that !)

then off to bed for early rise and head out to hartville ohio

have to say was disappointed in hartville 
this year...dont think we will come back again

it has changed....more FLEA stuff
we prefer a lean toward antique stuff
oh well..have to find somewhere else for next year

also our favorite breakfast restaurant
the panty
we found closed for good...
tres sad

i really wanted this..(above)
really really wanted this...

but just couldnt go for it..
too hot to move it....

more money than i wanted to spend

but oh so awesome

so sunday ..
back home and off to the 
washington antique fair

great show..but gotta get there early
to beat the heat..
not a lick of shade

below was another 'what is it?' item

the lable on it said
'better packages'

some of us thought it was some sort of scale,
another lady thought it was for tape..

dont really know, but very cool looking

after the fair,
headed to trader jack's flea
which is not one of my favs
(sorry lucy, i know it's yours- i still dont get that)
but it's on the way home...so..

did end up getting a type there though.

well, 3 fleas, a few antique shops, an auction and an antique fair
not a bad way to spend a few days...

i got a few goodies..
bank bags for an upcoming project,
skeleton keys,
loads of silverware (have to stock up when i can)
some great stuff for my garden, plants and decor, and an awesome fence...
some new decor stuff for the farmette inside...

 i wish i had worn by pedometer..
cant imagaine how many miles we walked !!

i realize this is picture heavy...
i am a huge talker in person,..hahahahahaha
(that's an understatement)

but most of the time,
my pics say it all...

hope if you dont flea,
you at least get a feel for what it's like...
til next trip
* * *

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