30 May 2012

a glimpse of the farmette

* * *

we joke 
when we call it 
the 'farmette'..

its really an emphasis
on the 'ette'

meaning it's small

and not really a farm at all

but for a city girl like me
it is 
a LOT 
of property
regardless..here's a glimpse
* * *

we say
i have a meadow

and i do have a vineyard

and some animals
(and a couple of REAL groundhogs...
i'd sell cheap..heck i'd give them away.
please....no really,
you can have them..)

and a chicken coop
(with no chickens)

but mostly so far
it's just a big hillside
with lots of weeds

but it works for me..
i 'see' the potential
* * *
there's a foundation on the property
at least 120 years old
pretty cool

somebody told me what this plant is...
but cant remember

if you know...clue me in..
i think he said you can make soup from it???

theres an old stone wall that surrounds my house on 2 sides
very cool.
also dates back over 100 years !

walkway up the vineyard

it may not be much yet,
but i love it..
it's what i see from my desk 
and from my worktable in the studio..
cant beat that !!

and i dont have to go to the park
for my daily walk..

i walk this twice and i'm good to go...
anyway......it's a glimpse
what do you think?

( if you are not familiar with how and why i purchased this property
you can read the story here . )


Anonymous said...

Just beautiful...very peaceful!!! melissa

oldgreymare said...

I think it looks amazing! sigh..all that green :D
this PA girl is homesick

Terri Reitz said...


belmonili said...

It's beautiful! I can't wait to see it!

Kelley - a very JunqueyGal! said...

Love that place! I'll bet that is swiss chard -does that sound possible? Yum, my grandparents used to saute it with garlic and olive oil. It cooks down to nothing, but I remember carrying huge bags of it from the farmers market...

Bella said...

Well this looks like heaven on earth to me!! Lucky you!! The vine.. Acabia maybe??
I recieved my magazines this week, thanks so much!! I plan to spend some good time drooling over them this weekend :-)
and... I am following along now, I have to see what you do with all that dreamy property!

Eva said...

What a wonderful piece of earth. Lucky you! Enjoy:)

Debbie Newman said...

Great story... worthy of a book, hint, hint. (I'm serious.) As I looked at the pictures of the vineyard, I was thinking "lush"... then realized how that could be taken a few ways! What a wonderful adventure you've got planned!

Jeannine Aderhold said...

I love it!

dancingturtle5252 said...

Oh my goodness! I love this property, and I am going to read why you bought it. If I were you and you really want the poppies, just clear one patch and plant them. Wild flowers would be great, also, but that is me, I love wildflowers. Poppies reseed so they will spread. Then next year do another patch. It will brighten your view with pops of color. The vines in the one picture are Virginia Creepers, but not sure that is what you were talking about for soup. The wall is amazing. My Dad was a poet and he studied and wrote poetry about these old walls. You are lucky to have found some still intact and so beautiful. I will be coming to your blog more often. Thanks for the pictures.

Farm Fresh Vintage Finds said...

I love how you pointed out the little things that make this property beautiful. That rock wall is amazing. love, love, love your property. Let me know when the wine from the vineyard is ready. :)


kenda grimm said...

Beautiful! I love all the green found in your farmers! We havec a rancher....no green...Just sage, dirt, and more dirt! The only way we would ever get that much green, we must irrigate or have pivot sprinklers! Your place is amazing!!!!!
Thanks for sharing!

Jeanette Chaney said...

A very special heavenly place! Congrats!

Simply RED said...

Love the land and its history! Beautiful photos! Vickie

Victoria Clark said...

Congrats! You have guts lady! This doesn't mean your jewelry business will be on hold, does it??

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