25 August 2010

the clouds are rollng in

was looking around for something to use for
white wednesday this week

and since they are in my way...i'm using these lovely white clouds that are surrounding me.

they are messing with the sunshine part of my staycation big time !

so i decided to take a hike early this morning.

ah...some queen annes lace just for kathleen

oh..just look at those fluffy white clouds rolling in

lots and lots of great trails here

hard to tell, but i kept running into deer hanging out on the paths....
too cool, but too fast for me..

clouds clouds go away
come again another day

it's very pretty here...
i'm just sayin'

not much chance of getting lost, they mark the paths pretty good, but.....

i had to try out my new compass ap just for fun !

just love my new toy !!!

how about this???
cant imagine it's not used...so this must all be one night's work

(click on the pic to see what i mean)

busy little spiders while we sleep !

best seat in the house

well...looks like the sun may decide to show it's face...so i'm outta here.........

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faded charm blogspot
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Virginia said...

Beautiful pictures…There is nothing like the beauty of nature.

Rebecca said...

We had some wonderful clouds like that last nite with the moon! Your pictures make me think of camping!

Jill said...

That sounds like an incredible way to spend a week! wow.

Kerri said...

nature is always a great subject for photographs- :)

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