02 January 2013

gratitude all around

* * *

i have just finished up my 7th year as 

(pause for effect)

* * *

and i have to say that this year has surpassed 
all expectations ever !

it has been a ridiculously amazing year

i need to spread some gratitude around
to the people who help make this life possible
for me

* * *

i started the year heading to texas !!
longest ... trip ...  EVER

could never have made the drive 
without my pal


she also helped me survive 
the other country living fairs this year in
ohio and atlanta...

i could not have  done them with out her !!!!

* * *

a HUGE thank you to my other travel companions
and lucy of bel monili

having someone to help with the planning, 

be it show choosing,
travel arrangements,
display ideas...

any and all aspects of the 'show life'
is invaluable

not to mention the 'after show' fun we've had this
year cant be beat !!!

 * * *

i have to thank my 'other life' clients
without who's understanding this 
could never have happened !!
especially my friend Bill who has
gone above and beyond on the 
'understanding' front this year....

* * *

and i have to put out a special thank you to Lucy
who's motivation has been a huge factor
in my success this year...

our ongoing pseudo 'competition' with each other,

(the girl NEVER stops checking her facebook numbers !)

  keeps us both accountable 
and pushes us to do better..

it certainly worked to my advantage this year !

not to mention her friendship has been invaluable !

* * *
and last, but without a doubt
not least

it's YOU

the people who read this blog,

comment on my facebook posts,

come to my shows,

buy my products.

all of you..

it's YOU that keep me able to 
pursue and continue this crazy crazy life !

 * * *

thank you all..

it's been a hell of a ride..........

and i'm not ready to get off just yet..
so look out  

 here we come....

just watch us break even more records !!

happy new year all !!
thanks for coming along !

* * *


Kim said...

I love hearing from you and can't wait to follow you all over in 2013! I know they canceled Austin, have you heard about a replacement? I hope it comes east a bit.

belmonili said...

Great post! Thanks so much for the love! I have had the best time with you...looking forward to being Clever Indeed in 2013!

Burlap Luxe said...

Looking forward to all things 2013 that you will be inspiring us with soulfully.


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