05 November 2010

black friday

hooking up with french cupboard's black friday this month

mostly here...the sky is black...dreary...blah !

but here goes:

i make typewriter key jewelry, i make a lot of different types of jewelry, but i am known for my typewriter key jewelry.

in the course of 'finding' supplies, i go to flea markets, antique shops, auctions, yard sales..
just about anywhere there may be an old typewriter.

i see a LOT of typewriters.
i've been doing this for years, but it still
amazes me how different they all are.

every brand had it's own design
and within each brand,
the design changed from year to year.

sometimes, i have a hard time
reusing them.
i know...noone wants them...really..
i can buy them at auction for $1 many many times.
really noone wants them..

but sometimes...it's still hard.

so...sometimes...i have to hold on to one for a while,
display it,
love it,
for a little while...
before i let it go.

when i come accross a better one,
i let it go...

right now on my shelf ...sits this little cutie.

this is a traveling typewriter

it's so little

and to beat that....

it folds in half !!

i just love that !!
so way cool,
the way they used to make things...
look how small it goes !

just love the graphics back then...

this one also has unique keys.

each one has three functions

lower case, upper case and a symbol.

(most have only 2 functions)

this was done to eliminate that top row
on the keyboard...
their goal...small, small, small.

they accomplished it !

anyway, this one has received
a reprieve for now...

hop on over to french cupboard's blog
and check out the other entries
black friday.


A Cottage Muse said...

Hi Jeanne...Love that little typewriter! I recently came across one and had to put it in my shop because it was too big. Thanks for sharing!

luluslovlies said...

Great typewriters, remind me of my Dad, he was a newspaper editor all his life and we always had one around, especially the Corona's. Great post bring back great memories of another age!

Jane said...

I love old typewriters and have a couple of them displayed in my house. I have a very small one too that doesn't have the top row of keys and it's the perfect size for displaying pictures in my family room.
Love your typewriter jewelry.

Jill said...

Oh Jeanne....I don't even want to know when this one gets the axe! It's beautiful!!

Gail @ Victorian at Heart said...

I was a secretary/bookkeeper for many years so I have a fondness for old typewriters and business machines and have collected several over the years. I love to decorate with them and I love the jewelry too. I guess people can relate to them. I couldn't join the party this month but love to check out the posts. Thanks for sharing.

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