14 November 2010

numbers all around

i personally am a big fan of numbers...
well any graphics work for me...
especially black on white.

i like them in decorating...
just about on anything.

most of the items that i make and sell
are graphically driven

is all about numbers this week

so i thought i'd show you one of my creations.

i have been making these bubble necklaces for a while now

i have quite a stash of goodies to choose from:

this is just a small sample of my stash !

anyway, i first did just dictionary ones,
then moved on to sheet music.

i learned the eaiest way to find old aged sheet music

was to pick up old hymnals

they seem to be everywhere
and the graphic quality is geat
and the paper is perfectly aged!

just recently i took note of the numbers

and realized how cool they would look in a bubble !


i added them to the collection

i use numbers in a few other tid bits........
but i'll save those for another time.........

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Jill said...

I love hymnals for the numbers and the words you can pluck out of them. Fun stuff!

theteo5 said...

I just love these! What a great idea.


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