08 April 2010

baking goodies in the sun

getting it all together for the big
chili fest this weekend at south side works !

my tags and quotes are so much easier to make
when the sun is out

they need to 'bake' just a bit
and sunshine is the best !!

so excited to have at least one day
this week of sun

here they are 'baking' on my front walk
my neighbors really must think i'm nuts !

pile of quoteboards all ready to go !

if you're in the 'burg, stop by and do
some chili testing


Kim@kimmykats said...

Good luck this weekend! Hope you have a great crowd! Hope their wallets are as hot as the chili!!

angela walker jewelry said...

Good luck Jeanne! I am not feeling well or I would stop by and say hello!
Health and happiness,

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