02 March 2011

white wednesday and five friday favs !

you all know my new couch house story

(if not read it here)

so i'm starting to work on the downsizing

easy peasy ....right???


i am a huge huge  ...did i mention huge....

organizer extraordinaire

i loved him on clean sweep and now i love him on
oprah's OWN network
on enough already

anyway i am trying to follow some of his rules
for getting rid of my stuff..
(insert laughter here)

in the process ... i am using the
if you dont love it or use it...get rid of it rule
i realized that i have a lot of stuff that i actually do love


for at least the month of march ...
i trying my first linky linky
to showcase

featuring 5 of my/your favorite things
they can be small...large....new...old..
whatever strikes you..

for my starting week..i am giving it a little
early bump to piggy back on faded charm's

i'm starting with all white to stay with her theme...
but you can hook up any five things you 'love'
i love my french doors...cant take them, but i already
installed new ones at the farmette

1. this wreath
found this at after holiday sale at big lots
dirt cheap and i love the look

2. my olde crow painting

i loved the door itself...but then i added
the olde crow and if i do say so myself..
i love him..

he's coming with me for sure...

3. very old skinny cupboard

bought this at an auction for $5
chippy chippy just the way i like it

fits anywhere...it's been all over my house

for sure will find a place for it

4. little silhouette

it hangs on the side of #3....along with an old yardstick

found in at the flea for a buck...

cant beat that and i love her

5. coffee dyed rag wreath

made it myself...discovered it is way too
time consuming to be something i would want to do and sell

but i like it..it will stay...

and come back before friday and add your post for


Kerri said...

i'm clearing out some clutter around here too- feels great to do that. the more i get rid of, the more i want to get rid of!!

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