31 March 2010

let the games begin

the sun is out
the sky is blue
it must be time
to start the hunt
the hunt for junk
that is......

i happen to be very good at this game

you want it...i'll find it

but early in the 'flea market' season,
it's just fun to get out there
and see what's available

last weekend it was finally nice enough
to leave the house and hit the flea

how cool are these???
they are huge old floor scrubbers,
cant wait to see what i do with them !

a box of old letters that will be painted and shabby'd up

scrabble tiles i always pick up

some cool old books..
this one might come in handy

or maybe this one

this one just cracked me up

picked up some 'lifts' for my displays


some random junk

a box of handles...........hmmmm

some birdies to alter

silverware...also an 'always'

pretty forks

my friend Casey hooked me up with a TON of slides

and this huge barrel just full of old linens

mostly cotton and all patched up !
just the way i like 'em

and of course lots and lots

that i cant show you....just yet

this is my favorite time of year.........
there are so many people out...
and so many fleas to go to.....

this past weekend i hit our local one,
a church one,
and an antique fair !!

let the games begin !


Gypsy Fish said...

love your finds and in such yummy abundance...you go girl! 'tis the season!

Jill said...

Wow--I'm pretty sure I would have chosen all of those things too if I'd been there. Well, maybe not the scrubbers. I like to see what you do with those too! And, please, please tell me what you do with the slides! I have some and thought there has to be a project somewhere....
Thanks for the info. on Matthew Meads book, I'll have to check it out further.

Jane said...

I'm really curious to see what you do with the scrubbers. I am so jealous about that box of letters you found!!! You made out this past weekend!

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